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Zoom hires Damien Hooper-Campbell as chief diversity officer


Damien Hooper-Campbell will join Zoom as its first chief diversity officer, bringing over 15 years of expertise in diversity and inclusion, leadership and management coaching, recruiting, community engagement, and finance to the role.

He was most recently the chief diversity officer for eBay, and previously was global head of diversity for Uber and a diversity strategist at Google. Hooper-Campbell will lead the design and implementation of Zoom’s global diversity and inclusion strategy with a focus on its current and future employees and its products. He will also be responsible for establishing Zoom’s university recruiting program and initiatives.

Zoom is committed to maintaining an equal, respectful, and inclusive environment on its platform for all users regardless of background. The company is equally invested in ensuring that diversity and inclusion are central to its internal culture and organisation. Damien will help Zoom build on its foundational efforts to date, which include company-wide inclusion education, employee resource groups, and inclusive hiring initiatives.

“Our core value as a company is to care – we care for our community, our customers, our company, our teammates, and ourselves. Damien embodies this key part of our culture. Not only does he care deeply, he puts it into action, building programs and relationships, and developing initiatives that reflect that value. Diversity and inclusion are everyone’s responsibility, but I know that Damien will work with all of us to make Zoom an innovator in this area, which will make our culture, platform, and communities even stronger,” said Eric S. Yuan, CEO of Zoom.

“I was first drawn to the virtual, yet authentic and human connections that Zoom’s platform is enabling around the world. It is this level of human connectivity that sits at the heart of diversity and inclusion. In spending time with the Zoom team, I can tell that this is a group of people who place the value of caring for their communities, their customers, and each other at the forefront of the decisions they make for Zoom and its products,” said Hooper-Campbell.

“This value of care is a key component to the empathy and vulnerability needed to drive meaningful diversity and inclusion efforts. There is an opportunity to not only help make the organisation more diverse and inclusive, but also to make the Zoom platform one that acknowledges and incorporates the needs and backgrounds of the hundreds of millions of participants who use it daily. I look forward to partnering with the rest of the Zoom team and valued external partners to make this a reality.”

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