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Yamiche Alcindor wants to know what ‘sticks’ the Department of Education has in its toolbox to use against politicians banning mask mandates –


Once again, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is in the national spotlight for banning school districts from mandating masks. As Twitchy reported Wednesday, CNN did a feature on a 12-year-old girl in Florida who’d written to her school board urging them to mandate masks this fall. The CDC announced late last month that it’s recommending masks for students, teachers, and staff in K-12 schools whether they’re vaccinated or not.

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona took questions from the White House press corps Thursday, and PBS News’ Yamiche Alcindor asked what kind of “sticks” the Department of Education might have in its toolbox to help school districts fight back against mandate bans.

Two lefty questions here — 1. PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor lobbies Education Sec. Cardona to have his department unilaterally overrule Abbott and DeSantis and implement mask mandates in FL and TX

2. Reuters’s Jeff Mason smears anti-CRT talk as anti-Black history

— Curtis Houck (@CurtisHouck) August 5, 2021

Yamiche Alcindor literally asks the Secretary of Education “what sticks” and “what consequences” he can level against states that have banned mask mandates in schools

— Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) August 5, 2021

That some solid journalisming right there.

She’d like to be the one to apply those sticks… literally

— prakteka (@prakteka) August 5, 2021

Ever the activist. Never the reporter. That’s @Yamiche

— Bonny Wright🐝 (@miamivandynyu) August 5, 2021

Why is this partisan activist employed by PBS?

That person is not a journalist and she should be removed from the public’s payroll.

— John (@JohnnyVacs) August 5, 2021

Yamiche literally wants the Democrat party to act as totalitarians. She wants the government to illegally suppress any entity that goes against the party, as we saw with the eviction moratorium. They are state media, designed to push the state to seize more unlawful power.

She did seem to be lobbying American Rescue Plan coordinator Gene Sperling pretty hard to extend that eviction moratorium. But back to masks:

DOE Secretary says he’ll be watching to see if kids are staying home from school because of state bans on mask mandates in schools:

“To me those are adult actions preventing students to their right of public education.”

— Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) August 5, 2021

He’ll be watching …

What does he say about kids with allergies (like mine) who missed in-person days last year because they struggle to breathe in a mask for six hours at a time — gym class included?

— Virginia Kruta (@VAKruta) August 5, 2021

Will they also be watching how many kids stay home because of forced mask use?

— Jerad (@Jerad_Huep) August 5, 2021

Will he be watching for kids that stay home because of the mandate to wear one?

— Hidden Behind Additional Replies (@inthecounty) August 5, 2021

Well, that’s one demented way to frame the issue: but here’s another way to look at it which is grounded in reality – parents will keep kids home if they are forced to wear masks.

— Mark Zuckerberg’s Suntan Lotion Dealer (@SnifferWine) August 5, 2021

It’s probably the opposite–they’re staying home because of masks and also because they realized that they can home school and actually educate their children vs. government indoctrination.

— Ms Sticky (@mujikins27) August 5, 2021

Kids wont be staying home from school. They will be kept home by adults.

And yes, the adults keeping their kids home from school because other parents will not swaddle their kids in plastic wrap… those adults are preventing their own kids from their right of public education.

— Pathfinder (@Pathfinder4545) August 5, 2021

Wait till he finds out it’s the opposite and people are homeschooling because of masks

— Nick Dixon (@GreatNickDix) August 5, 2021

To be clear the States are banning the mandates , not the wearing of masks. You are free to wear masks.

— Mark Herron (@reMARKable526) August 5, 2021

There are no bans on masks, just bans on forcing mask wearing. The DOE is full of it.

— Scott Coleman (@bandphan) August 5, 2021

Completely the opposite. Kids stayed home last year because they didn’t want to put up with mandatory masking and distancing. They want to “be normal.” This is why govt agencies need to be spread throughout the country. They have no grasp on reality.

— Eric Hellwig (@Coach_Hellwig) August 5, 2021

How many kids were kept home from school because of evidence-free social distancing and masking guidelines over the course of the last year?

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) August 5, 2021

The CDC literally admits that the six-foot guidance has no basis. And there is precious little evidence that masking for children, particularly kids under 12, has been successful public policy.

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) August 5, 2021

Wait wait wait…they aren’t denied public education by staying home and learning virtually right?! Can’t be, because we were fed all year last year that they had to stay home in order to get public education. We werent given a choice in that. The amount of hypocrisy is staggering

— Todd S (@blink311fan) August 5, 2021

Adult actions (unions) kept kids out all last year. Spare me

— Champion The Drinker (@ChampionDrinker) August 5, 2021

You mean like when the schools were shut down for a year? People have lost their minds.

— Deborah Downward (@DownwardDeborah) August 5, 2021

Last year was a complete shit show where teachers’ unions ran everything. Forced parents to keep kids home while they went on vacation and “taught” virtually from the beach.

— stopdropkaboom (@stopdropkaboom2) August 5, 2021

Every Biden cabinet member just wants to let that inner fascist out

— oldgreg (@justnic_ooo) August 5, 2021

Come get me.

Adult decisions kept kids out of school for an entire year, but no one asked if the Department of Education had any “sticks” to use against the teachers’ unions.


PBS News’ Yamiche Alcindor seems to be lobbying hard for the Biden administration to extend the eviction moratorium

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