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Where March Stands on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Like many other companies, both inside and out of the PR world, we’ve spent the last several months doing some soul-searching around diversity, equity and inclusion. The death of George Floyd and the protests that erupted out of it, both in response to Floyd’s murder and a long overdue reckoning with our country’s history of racial injustice, inspired us to take a closer look at what we were doing or not doing on these fronts – and looking into the actions we can and must be taking to strive for better.

At the core the conversations we’ve had with each other, the books we’ve read, podcasts we’ve listened to, stories we’ve shared, and changes we’ve instituted to how we can reach out to more diverse pools of both recruits and clients, is our overarching belief that a commitment to DEI both inside and out of the workplace is not just a moral necessity, it’s vital to who we are as an agency. Our tagline has long been “Innovation Inside Out” – and what it took until now for us to really codify was just how much diversity, equity and inclusion are essential to that mission of innovating and finding innovators to work with.

Earlier this year we wrote about our solidarity with the BLM movement in the wake of George Floyd. Today, after months of reflection and work – and with many more months of work ahead of us – we want to put pen to paper in staking out where exactly we stand on DEI, and why this mission is so important to who we are as a group.

March is committed to creating a more equitable and inclusive community – across age, race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, religion, sexual orientation and identity, and differing abilities – within not just our agency, but the PR industry we work in and, by extension, the tech industry we represent. Innovation can’t thrive when it’s only told through the same perspectives and the same storytelling lenses, over and over.

So for the PR and tech communities to truly innovate, March wants to be an example of doing the work of bringing more diverse voices into the fold. That doesn’t just mean more diverse hiring practices; it’s a commitment from us to work with a more inclusive pool of clients and ensure that more diverse and underserved voices and stories are being shared.

This is not work that we hope or expect to complete in just a few weeks or months. This is an ongoing commitment to ensure that we’re not just talking the talk, but always walking the walk, on providing a platform for new voices, new perspectives and new stories to be a part of the conversation.

In leading by example, we hope to encourage other businesses inside and out of our industry to do the same.

As part of these efforts, we’ll continue sharing content – blog posts, webinar recaps, podcasts, videos and more – around the voices we’re listening to and taking inspiration from, and how these conversations are fueling concrete changes in the way March operates, both among ourselves and with our clients and partners. Stay tuned.

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