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What is Diversity Hiring? 16 Best Practices to Follow | Techfunnel


Challenges of Diversity Hiring

While there are many benefits, diversity hiring also comes with challenges. An action or conversation that a HR manager may assume is beneficial may come across as offensive or insensitive to a possible candidate. It is important to avoid things such as cultural appropriation, as well as be aware of customs and behavior that are unique to a candidate’s race, religion, etc.

Other diversity hiring challenges may stem from lack of support from top-level executives, refusal to change from current hiring practices that are in place, and reluctance to fix hiring practices that make it hard for diverse candidates to advance through screenings.

Using tech companies as an example, Aline Lerner of, writes(17) one reason diversity hiring initiatives aren’t working in this industry is because of the technical interview process. “We believe that technical interviewing is a broken process for everyone but that the flaws within the system hit underrepresented groups the hardest,” says Lerner, “because they haven’t had the chance to internalize just how much of technical interviewing is a numbers game.”

If a practice is biased against more diverse candidates when it comes to the hiring practice, that is a challenge that needs to be either modified or done away with.

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