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WATCH: College sicko claims 12-year-olds can consent to sex with adults. There should be a word for that…


Ah, Berkeley. The land of hipsters, avocado toast, and apparently, people who think children should have sex with adults. Sounds about right.

Chris Elston, AKA “Billboard Chris” on Twitter, is currently at UC Berkeley. If you aren’t familiar with Billboard Chris, he travels across the U.S. and Canada wearing billboards that feature his most controversial opinions, such as “children cannot consent to puberty blockers.”

Unsurprisingly, he takes a lot of heat for his opposition to the practice of putting children on dangerous and irreversible medication that could permanently sterilize them. Earlier this week, he fractured his arm during a scuffle with masked thugs who apparently really want to put kids on puberty blockers.

— Tony G @mbta is a dumpster fire. (@Tony G @mbta is a dumpster fire.)

If the pro-puberty blockers crowd weren’t enough, yesterday Chris encountered a guy who is openly pro-pedophilia on Berkeley’s campus.

— Andy Ng\u00f4 \ud83c\udff3\ufe0f\u200d\ud83c\udf08 (@Andy Ng\u00f4 \ud83c\udff3\ufe0f\u200d\ud83c\udf08)

Chris asked this dude if a 12-year-old can consent to sex with an adult. To which the obvious and immediate answer from any sane person would be a resounding “no.”

But this guy immediately said, “yes.” He then asked if they could first talk about a 17-year-old and “work their way down.”

How about no.

The dude claimed that there are “exceptions” and “exceptional 12-year-olds understand what consent is” and asked Chris to define the terms “child” and “consent.” According to him, the legal age of consent doesn’t answer the “philosophical” question of what consent actually is.

This guy clearly thinks he’s some radical free-thinker. He called the discussion “taboo” and questioned why we aren’t allowed to discuss it.

Because it’s rape, you dimwit.

To be fair, this guy could be trolling. Part of me hopes he is- if he isn’t, that means his opinion is well on its way to being normalized in society. But it is Berkeley, after all. They literally created “Jewish Free Zones” by banning pro-Israel speakers and didn’t think anyone would have a problem with it. Such progressivism!

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