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Variety Editor Claudia Eller placed on leave after Twitter debate on lack of newsroom diversity – Chicago Tribune


In response to Eller’s column, a former reporter at a rival outlet, Piya Sinha-Roy, criticized the piece on Twitter. Sinha-Roy wrote, in a Twitter message, that she recalled a discussion with Eller and then co-editor Andrew Wallenstein several years ago about “the lack of diversity in your newsroom.” Sinha-Roy then added that voices of people of color “are constantly dismissed. We are not here to make you look better. We are here to work.”

“After a very tough and emotional conversation with Jay this afternoon, I am recognizing that my many years as a journalist did not necessarily prepare me for a leadership role in such a large and thriving newsroom,” Eller wrote. “Looking back, hard work and competition were two of my main tools to get ahead in my career. The success I found in my hard-charging style as a journalist, I now realize, can come across as autocratic when I’m managing others.”

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