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Tucker Carlson Blasts United Airlines Over Diversity Effort

Illustration for article titled United Airlines Announces Diversity Push. Tucker Carlson Says It Will 'Get People Killed' Because Apparently, Only White Men Can Fly Planes

This week, United Airlines’ flight school, United Aviate Academy, announced that it is now accepting applications and that it plans to train 5,000 new pilots over the next decade and that 50 percent of those pilots will be women and people of color. For reasonable people, it looks like United is looking to diversify the aviation industry and present more opportunities to underserved communities, but to conservative pundits like Tucker Carlson and UK Tucker Carlson, Piers Morgan, this is a plot that will result in planes falling for from the sky during an affirmative action rapture because, apparently, only white men are qualified to be pilots.

On Wednesday’s installment of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson said, “Safety is no longer that airline’s top concern—identity politics is.”

“The way people look is totally irrelevant. How they perform is all you should care about. Once you forget that, airplanes tend to crash…. Hiring on the basis of irrelevant criteria will, over time, get people killed, and it will,” he said. “We have to fight for the colorblind meritocracy for real. I mean, our lives depend on meritocracy.”

Carlson called United’s initiative “a combination of a hyper-aggressive corporate HR department and a left-wing political action committee… big on moral pronouncements and mandatory social engineering.”

Let’s see; what is the most sophisticated way I can say this?

Tucker Carlson is a racist and misogynistic moron.

“Colorblind meritocracy” has literally never existed in America. But mediocre white men will never acknowledge the fact that mediocre white men hold, by far, the most power in the western world and that is the reason they dominate the workforce in nearly every industry—not because they just happen to be more capable than women and people of color.

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The training for learning to fly an airplane isn’t going to change because a Black person or woman is taking it, and there’s no reason to think that non-white men will be given license to fly planes without displaying the knowledge and skill it takes to complete said training. But Carlson—the guy who also doesn’t think women belong in the military, as if the thousands of women who serve in the armed forces wouldn’t likely beat his mother fucking ass—doesn’t believe that because, well, he’s a racist and misogynistic moron.

More from Newsweek:

In a statement released on Twitter, United announced, “All the highly qualified candidates we accept into the academy, regardless of race or sex, will have met or exceeded the standards we set for admittance.”

However, Carlson said that the company was lying.

“We know they’re lying and you know it too,” he said, “because in the airline business there is only one standard that matters, and it is not race, and it’s not gender. It’s competence.”

Carlson isn’t the only fragile white man who is ignoring the fact that a historic lack of diversity initiatives in the corporate world is the only reason white men think they’re the face of meritocracy. Morgan—the guy who stormed off of a set like a little bitch-baby after being called out for using his platform to give off big incel energy towards Meghan Markle—wrote a whole-ass op-ed piece in response to the United announcement titled, “What’s next for the corporate woke warriors—blind pilots?”

First of all: One of these days, I’m going to write a piece about how the right-wing narrative that diversity is part of a progressive “woke” trend is basically them admitting that conservatism is synonymous with whiteness. But for now, let’s just focus on the fact that Morgan has implied that allowing non-white men to fly planes is akin to letting a blind person fly.

Morgan wrote that when it comes to his concerns related to flying, “I certainly don’t care about a pilot’s gender or skin color,” because he clearly doesn’t realize that THIS SHIT ISN’T ABOUT YOU, WHITE MAN—it’s about creating opportunity for women and people of color to get jobs in a white male-dominated field.

Morgan even went as far as to fake call out a fake double standard and asked why no one is looking to diversify the Black male-dominated NBA. (Yep, British Bill O’Reilly really went there.)

The truth is that Carlson, Morgan and every other conservative snowflake who clutches their whites-only pearls at the mere mention of the word “diversity” are just as fragile as they are racist and sexist.

The world is changing around them and advocating that the corporate world reflect the diversity of the population, and now everything that comes out of their mouths is a variation of: “Won’t somebody please think of the white men?”

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