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Tips from The Herman Group for how to hire students, grads as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic – College Recruiter


I recently reached out to some career experts to ask them if they’re seeing what we’re seeing: a sudden and massive inversion in the labor market. Until about two months ago, there were far more job seekers than there were jobs. Then, starting in February, building steam in March, and accelerating in April, the labor market inverted. What do I mean by that? Instead of far more job seekers than jobs, we now seem to have far more jobs than job seekers…at least in certain sectors.

Joyce Gioia, the Chief Executive Officer of The Herman Group, responded that she’s seeing the same. She also had some really good advice for employers who are struggling to hire college and university students and recent graduates for part-time, seasonal, internship, and entry-level jobs as the job market and rest of the economy rebounds from the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Gioia, “Yes, indeed, the current labor market, just like the one in 2001, has candidates squarely in the driver’s seat. At that time I co-authored a book titled How to Choose Your Next Employer. A year earlier, I co-authored How to Become an Employer of Choice, to help employers compete. Guess what? History is repeating itself. The labor market is the tightest it has been in my lifetime. Yes, candidates can be highly selective because there are according to ZipRecruiter, there are 15 million job postings and that was two months ago!”

“All of these facts are great news for college students,” continued Gioia. “Not only are they looking for higher pay, better working conditions, more interesting work, remote instead of in-person, but they are also looking for perks like financial wellness, ongoing learning opportunities, on-demand pay, and more. They want their employers to care about people and the environment, and if woe to those that do not value diversity, equity, and inclusion, because they will not fare well.”

Gioia also offered some advice for employers who want to hire college students as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic. “So what can employers do to stand out in this crowd? Besides offering all the things I just talked about, they can offer to do mock interviews, help students with their resumes, and of course, offer paid internships and apprenticeships, and well-paid summer work. Wise employers will dedicate someone to shepherding their college recruits to ensure that their experiences are good ones. Take the time to teach them your business, tell them about all of the different careers you offer,  and develop career pathing for them from that point.”

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