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The Sanctuary City Democrats Who Changed Their Tune Once Illegals Showed Up


It’s no secret that the platitudes Democrats use to shame conservatives are merely an attempt to cloak their disastrous policies in a veneer of moral superiority, but recently the left’s hypocrisy has been on full display from the elected officials who run blue cities across the country thanks to Republican leaders who called the bluff and sent illegal immigrants to those whose party’s policies — and their voters — are responsible for the border crisis. 

It doesn’t take much to find the hypocrite in the haystack thanks to Twitter, so let’s take a walk into the not-so-distant past to see what these Democrats officials who have declared emergencies and Democrat voters who are whining about humanitarian crises in their own cities after denying any issues existed at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

This “radical politician” will proudly make sure that Chicago remains a welcoming, sanctuary city for all of the hardworking immigrants and refugees who have made our city one of the best in the world. #SOTU

— Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot (@chicagosmayor)

COMMITMENT TO SANCTUARY SCHOOLS. We believe protecting immigrant and refugee communities is a moral imperative and we are proud to be the first school district in the country to issue sanctuary schools guidance, and prohibits ICE agents on school grounds w/out a criminal warrant.

— Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot (@chicagosmayor)

But as Julio reported, when the illegal immigrants for whom Mayor Lightfoot repeatedly declared her city to be a sanctuary, she promptly bussed them out of her city into the suburbs while Lightfoot apparently woke up to the reality that Biden and her party’s open-border policies have created a “national emergency.” 

Quite frankly it’s very un-American to treat people with the dignity or respect shown by Gov. Abbott. As a city and state we’ve provided housing, food and resources for these families, but this is a national emergency. We need greater collaboration to stop this madness.

— Lori Lightfoot (@LoriLightfoot)

Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser

Multiple times during her tenure as mayor of America’s capital city, Muriel Bowser has stated and reiterated that D.C. is a sanctuary city, almost always in an attempt to score political points against Republicans. 

“Washington, DC is a sanctuary city. We protect the rights and humanity of all our residents, and our #DCValues and our local culture are guided by a celebration of diversity and inclusivity.” #thread

See full statement below ??

— Mayor Muriel Bowser (@MayorBowser)

DC values our DREAMers and our immigrant communities – all will continue to find sanctuary in our city. #DACA

— Mayor Muriel Bowser (@MayorBowser)

We’ve reaffirmed DC’s status as a sanctuary city and will continue to send this message because residents should feel safe.

— Mayor Muriel Bowser (@MayorBowser)

But once illegal immigrants showed up to Bowser’s repeatedly declared sanctuary city, the mayor ran to the feds for National Guard assistance, got rejected, and then declared a public emergency because, as it turns out, uncontrolled borders and the resulting influx of illegal immigrants is not as warm and fuzzy as her feel-good platitudes.

#BREAKING @MayorBowser announces a Declaration of Public Emergency to respond to the migrant situation in D.C. Also announced plans to start an Office of Migrant Services @fox5dc

— Stephanie Ramirez (@RamirezReports)

The elite liberals of Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard, like many other liberal enclaves, is home to multimillion-dollar properties and littered with “all are welcome here” signs that declare its residents “stand with immigrants.” How nice.   

Watch how quickly the wealthy white liberals on Martha’s Vineyard remove their “All Are Welcome Here” and “stand with IMMIGRANTS” posters.

— Mia Cathell (@MiaCathell)

It’s easy to say that, but it’s another thing for residents on Martha’s Vineyard to back up their sanctuary promises with action when illegal immigrants arrive. Predictably, their platitudes proved meaningless, as demonstrated by one resident of the “all are welcome” community who told illegal immigrants they had to…go away:

In July 2022, 49,563 illegals crossed the border into Del Rio, Texas. This woman, who is a resident of Martha’s Vineyard, is devastated that FIFTY migrants have arrived on the island.

Rich leftists couldn’t be more hypocritical even if they wanted to.

— Ian McKelvey (@ian_mckelvey)

The Vineyard also declared the arrival of 50 illegal immigrants a “humanitarian crisis,” apparently failing to appreciate the fact that border cities have seen as many people or more each hour of every day for months as a result of Democrat policies that they love to say they support but end up unwilling to practice. 

New York City Mayor Eric Adams

From the word go, Eric Adams’ campaign for mayor of New York, and his administration since taking office, has maintained the Big Apple as a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants:

“We should protect our immigrants.” Period.

Yes, New York City will remain a sanctuary city under an Adams administration. #EricOnNBC

— Eric Adams (@ericadamsfornyc)

But then, after Eric Adams rhetorically swung open the door of New York to illegal immigrants as a sanctuary, he cried for help as his city is “nearing its breaking point” as a result of the illegal immigrants he said were welcome — sort of like how border states and communities have been at their breaking point, as have border agents, for months under Biden’s border crisis.

The surge of asylum seekers has been unprecedented. We have provided services to more than 11,000 people.

But our system is nearing its breaking point. We are assessing our prior practices and remain committed to this vital work.

Read my full statement:

— Mayor Eric Adams (@NYCMayor)

As usual, these Democrat leaders and voters are proving that the left’s only standards are double standards.

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