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The Global Search For Education: Youth Artist and Activist Roze McQueen Calls for More Respect for Nature


I’m a Child, now screening on the Planet Classroom Network YouTube Channel, is a beautifully animated music video depicting the harsh reality of our planet’s future if we do not invest in sustainability. 

Created by Artist and Earth Activist Roze McQueen, the story follows a young boy led by a woman on a journey around the world as she reveals to him the grim outcome of Earth. 

When faced with the stark contrast between the luscious green fields of now and the decay in the future, the boy, along with the audience, grow inspired to build a better tomorrow. 

The Global Search for Education is pleased to welcome Roze McQueen.

Roze, what inspired you to tell this story? What would you say challenged you most in your creation process? 

The inspiration for I’m a Child came from the climate crisis and the disinformation surrounding it.  The most challenging aspect was to tell the story well in 3 minutes with no dialogue.  

In your music video, it is alluded that the young boy comes from an indigenous background. How important do you believe it is for younger generations to stay connected to their indigenous roots, especially with topics such as climate change? 

It’s important to value simpler times where we were more connected to the Earth.  Where a sustainable lifestyle was the norm.  It’s especially important to recognize cultures that encourage respect for nature. 

You contrast beautiful landscapes versus landscapes destroyed by global warming and human destruction in your video.  What role do you believe young generations must play in protecting their world and are there any initiatives that you have personally participated in that you would encourage others to explore?

The hardest part for young people today is that they have not seen what we have  already lost. It’s gone.  We cannot afford to lose any more. So it’s urgent that people understand that what we have today is not normal or ok. I would encourage all young people to look hard at whatever career path they are  thinking about and re-imagine it so it’s in line with a sustainable lifestyle. My own journey has made me an advocate for a plant-based diet and conscious  consumerism. But some of my favorite pastimes are planting trees and organic  gardening. 

What do you hope audiences will feel when they see your film?  

I hope seeing what we had not so long ago, compared to what we have today, will remind people of the terrible loss we have already suffered. Our World cannot take much more. I hope people realize that we have to act now. All our actions combined, large or small, can make a tremendous difference on the crisis we face.

Thank you Roze.

C.M. Rubin and Roze McQueen

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