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The Global Search for Education: Rebuilding Lives with Detroit Hives


This month on the Planet Classroom Network, audiences around the world can screen Detroit Hives, a short documentary about an urban bee farm in East Detroit run by Tim Paule and Nicole Lindsey, a young couple working to create opportunities for Detroit natives.

Directed by Palmer Morse and Rachel Weinberg, the film explores the importance of bringing diversity to bee-keeping and rebuilding inner-city communities. One third of the food we eat depends on pollination. Paule and Lindsey, whose motto is “Work hard, stay bumble,” work to beautify communities, educate people and improve the environment at the same time.

The Global Search for Education is pleased to welcome Tim Paule and Nicole Lindsey.

Detroit Hives converts vacant lots in the Detroit area into spaces for urban bee farming. These gardens provide fruits and vegetables to the community, as well as a location for bees to cross-pollinate. What are some additional benefits of the emergence of this type of non-profit organization? 

Additional benefits include using our platform to educate inner city youth on the importance of bee conservation. We provide tours to give the community an opportunity to explore an urban hive and see the inner workings of a bee colony. Lastly, through the process of transforming vacant lots into green spaces, we are able to increase the quality of life for residents by addressing the issues around blight, crime and violence within vacant spaces.

Those who work at Detroit Hives are very passionate about educating youth in the local school districts by exposing them to wildlife that they may not be familiar with. What do students gain from learning about science from someone who does hands-on conservation work?

Students can gain a new perspective on science and how it can impact their daily lives. They view it as something that’s tangible and would be a practical solution in the real world.

Detroit Hives says that it is challenging stereotypes of what it looks like to conduct beekeeping in America. Why is it important to encourage and promote diversity in all professions?

In order to create a sustainable environment, it’s important that we support biodiversity. Every living thing plays its part to contribute to the ecosystem. This very same theory needs to be applied in all professions. This gives everyone a chance to thrive, flourish, contribute and collectively work together to achieve a higher goal.

What do you believe are the most important takeaways for audiences from your film? How would you like to see this film make a difference?

You can inspire the world by making one small change. Whether it’s cleaning up a park, recycling, or even planting flowers to attract more pollinators. You can Bee The Change. Through this film I would love to see others inspired to take on challenges within their own communities, along with learning how pollinators can play a huge part in creating sustainable communities.

Thanks guys.

C.M. Rubin with Tim Paule and Nicole Lindsey

(All Photos are Courtesy of SIMA Studios)

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