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The diversity and kindness triumph: fighting Pierre-Yves Lord


The pandemic, containment, assassination of George Floyd, the wave of denunciations of sexual assaults. The year 2020 causes a reflection at Pierre-Yves Lord who wishes to see evolving its two children in a society “better”, which promotes the diversity, the kindness and the knowledge. A battle far from won, but he leads with all the positivism which we know him.

The Journal is attable with the facilitator in a small café in Sainte-Foy, an area where he grew up and where he still lives with his girlfriend and her two children of 8 and 11 years old, in the family home that he has acquired from his adoptive parents.

In the 1980s, the young man of haitian origin, grew up in a neighborhood where there was one of the only Black people. The topic of the death of George Floyd and the movement Black Lives Matter, an event marking the summer of 2020, comes quickly on the table.

“It was a punch,” he said. The hardness of the images took my breath away. To see the slow agony in the middle of the day, with impunity, a police officer almost the smile that kills slowly a fellow human… (silence). I was really traumatized.”

June 7, Pierre-Yves Lord has even brought her two children to manifest with him in front of the national Assembly against racial discrimination.

How to educate the two young children of mixed race in the face of such a situation? “Me, I linked to the historical angle,” he said. There are films and books lying around at home. Our children need to understand the bondage, the teasing, the struggle of those who fought for the civil right of Blacks. Putting the light on the darkest moments, I think we can understand things.”

“Sometimes I wanted to close the eyes”

When he hosted the show virtual party of Canada, Pierre-Yves Lord said in his opening speech that it is living “a crucial moment where we must confront truths that exist in Canada”.

Is there still eyes closed on the racism? Yes, he answers, and he himself had their eyes closed on several racist behaviour towards her throughout her life.

“I have experienced difficult times. Wanting me to toughen up, I sometimes wanted to close his eyes on certain things in telling me that I was able to cash in. If I want to make my place, I told myself that I had to accept to make my way. But this is not true it, he insists. Unconsciously, there are periods of my life where I may have wanted me to blend in, not too much to make waves.”

The screen still too white

All of this discussion brings us to the thorny question follows : is that the small screen in quebec reflects, fairly, the diversity of our society?

“Probably not if you ask the question again,” he said. The diversity, it is not fair to say : it was a Black, an Asian, a north african, you can turn! There must be a variety that is desired, not just two, three Blacks on a poster for a show. I do not want that diversity to become a tool for relief of conscience. I want to do it as part of us, in all spheres of the society. Yes to diversity, but all in!”

Give the example

Pierre-Yves Lord entrusts to feel invested, “the duty to generate something positive,” when he speaks of diversity. “Maybe it’s being a dad that I want to stand up, knowing that young people look at me on tv, that they scrutinize my actions and gestures as I did with Anthony Kavanagh when I was little. In spite of myself, I may be an influencer!” exclaimed he, laughing.

The facilitator 41-year-old is aware that he has acquired a tribune over the years, and hope to use it wisely, even if he has a love-hate relationship with social networks.

“I have nothing against the implementation stage on social media,” said the facilitator. But at times, we glorify the light and the void. Because you know how to use good filters and that you take good shots, you’re a star. […] My children, I see them to be impressed by people who have a lot of subscribers. We do not judge the quality of a human by a number of subscribers.”

The facilitator of the 100 geniuses laments that the knowledge is not valued more in society. “I think that the nerd has been bullied in the popular culture. The hero, it was the bum and the dropout. But today, you love to play, you love to the library, to talk about literature? Me, I find it very, very cool.”

At some point this summer, Pierre-Yves Lord has simply been a desire not to connect to their social networks, so the negative was present. The wave of denunciations that has relayed numerous stories difficult to read was another topic to discuss with her 11 year-old boy.

“I tell him : you won’t become a man when you’re going to collect the achievements. I hope that my son will learn that he will become a man when he will understand himself that it is not.”

In praise of the kindness

The year 2020 is depressing, it should be. That would he to be deducted at the end of it? “I have the dream a little naive that kindness can win”, let-t-he fall down with his broad smile, despite the heaviness of the topics, never leaves it during the interview.

“I hope that the negative of 2020 is going to make me a better father. My biggest project is still my family and my children. My ultimate goal, is it the ratings? You have a big account, Instagram? No. It is to be a good father.”

I need projects that feed me

Between a mysterious documentary, “stripper”, his radio show HERE First, and the return of 100 geniuses, the moderator hot tub is found again to browse between a thousand and one projects in the antipodes. Pierre-Yves Lord back in “the action and the adrenaline,” these days, in view of the start of fall charged.

Pierre-Yves Lord has renewed its countless back-and-forth between the capital and the metropolis in order to start the preparation, among other things, the second season of the show 100 geniuses, which he considers as one of the finest projects of his career.

“I feel privileged to do my job in this moment”, said the one who, this summer, has converted his basement into a studio for developing projects, such as the series Alone together, that gives voice to canadian expats.

If he has known the excitement of popular shows and reality tv (big brother, Double Occupancy), Pierre-Yves Lord flourishes today in a multitude of projects that are more left field and more sharp, but like him more.

“The reality was my front door, he says. At that time, I proposed, often tv projects, and I was told : it is a good idea, but you’re not known. It is as if I had agreed to embark in these projects-where to go to seek visibility, which would allow me to submit things that I really look like. It takes everything, but I need projects that feed me.”

Use of his or her passions

His ultimate goal, today? Have fun. “I’m not trying to exist for it to be appreciated,” said the facilitator. It is sure that you wish that that like it. But I don’t get up in the morning and saying to myself how I can be most loved today? I wake up asking myself : how is it that I could have more fun today?”

And the fun, Pierre-Yves Lord in a. By combining in his projects at the same time his curiosity, and his own passions – diving, astronomy, music, the host, is today, after more than twenty years of career, more radiant than ever.

After has used his passion for diving in The waves (TV5), his immense passion for astronomy was transposed in the podcast space Mission. “If you want to know who I am, go listen to it,” he says.

What other hidden passion operate-does it in any project ? “The music,” he said bluntly. All that is music production, DJ Set “Live From Ste-Foy”, that I made this summer… it has awakened something!”

And while you’re at it, why not hockey? “I was on the ice sometimes and I imagined doing a project on hockey that I want to do”.

Not surprising coming from a guy who has grown up with the rivalry of the Canadian-Nordic. You can go out the guy from Quebec, not Quebec city in the heart of Pierre-Yves Lord.

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