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The Bronx Brewery and Beer Kulture Announce Internship Designed to Promote Diversity in Craft Beer | Brewbound


NEW YORK – The Bronx Brewery and Beer Kulture – one of the country’s foremost voices in promoting diversity and equity in craft beer – today announced a new paid internship program dedicated to changing the makeup and culture of craft beer.

Kicked off by the release of a new collaboration beer, a rice IPA called ‘YERRRR,’ The Bronx Brewery & Beer Kulture Production Internship will work to create career-changing opportunities for Black, African-American, Hispanic, Latinx, Native North American, Pacific Islander and other BIPOC and under-represented communities in craft beer.

Each intern will receive two months of training with The Bronx Brewery production team, providing a foundation of scientific and practical knowledge needed to launch a career in the industry.

The curriculum, developed by The Bronx Brewery’s lead brewer, will cover all aspects of the production process. Meanwhile, the two-month window will allow the intern to immerse themselves in a comprehensive rotational program, including brewhouse operations, cellar management, packaging, warehouse management and creative concept and recipe development – including writing a recipe for the brewery’s Up and Comers limited-release series.

A portion of proceeds from the collaborative beer, called ‘YERRRR’ – will go toward supporting the program’s inaugural intern. Featuring the Uptown rallying cry and a label that shows superheroes assembling, the limited release calls for unity around creating spaces that are welcoming for all people — an effort central to both brands’ missions. Inside the can, the clean, easy-drinking IPA uses rice in the brew to create a light body that showcases huge citrus notes and a hint of black pepper from the hops.

“This internship will provide opportunity and bring new people into the industry,” explained Latiesha Cook, President and CEO, Beer Kulture. “We’re so happy to partner with The Bronx Brewery to offer this internship. It’s the next step in Beer Kulture’s work to address the barriers that often prevent Black, African-American, Hispanic, Latinx, Native North American, Pacific Islander and other BIPOC from working in craft beer. Our efforts started with education, and now, together with The Bronx Brewery, we’re stepping up to address the opportunity gap.”

“This is such an important and exciting partnership,” said Bronx Brewery president and co-founder Damian Brown.  “Working with Beer Kulture and BronxConnect to help provide a start in the industry we love to individuals who might otherwise not have the opportunity will be one of the most rewarding and important projects we’ve ever undertaken here — and personally, something that I couldn’t be more energized by. Beer is so unique in its ability to bring people together and nothing speaks to that more than this collaboration.”

In partnership with BronxConnect, the pool of interns will also include recently incarcerated individuals from The Bronx and Harlem.

“BronxConnect is thrilled to partner with The Bronx Brewery and Beer Kulture to provide unique employment training experiences for incarceration survivors. Formerly incarcerated people face significant barriers when they leave jail or prison. This internship is an opportunity to open doors and uplift individuals and families who could benefit from exposure to new and exciting career paths in craft beer. This internship program will serve as a powerful model for other employers both within the beer industry and beyond,” said the Executive Director of BronxConnect, Rev. Wendy Calderón-Payne.

Once completed, The Bronx Brewery and Beer Kulture will work with the candidate to place them at their next opportunity. In just a few months, Beer Kulture’s job board – which connects breweries to a more diverse and inclusive pool of potential “Kandidates” – has already placed several BIPOC at jobs in the industry.

Prospective interns can apply at

Why This Matters:

How The Internship Will Help

About The Bronx Brewery:

Brewing in The South Bronx since 2011, The Bronx Brewery believes in beer’s power to build community. The team’s committed to using what we create and where we create it to bring people together, while celebrating the rich and diverse creative scene in our home borough and across New York City. Revolving around the pillars of Community, Creativity and Inclusivity, our goal each day is to create a diverse, vibrant culture that uses beer, art, food and music to inspire, unite and drive positive change in our world. 

Visit @TheBronxBrewery on social to learn more, and visit our Taproom and Backyard at the Brewery – now featuring Empanology, one of the city’s most exciting Up and Coming food labs — at 856 East 136th Street, Bronx, NY 10454.

About Beer Kulture

Beer Kulture builds trust and strengthens communities by using craft beer to foster inclusion, equity and diversity. Together, we can change the world – one beer at a time. Learn more at 

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