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Space for Conversation: Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity in Academics – Edge for Scholars


Space for Conversation: Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity in Academics

Edge for Scholars would be honored to provide a forum for reflections, personal stories, examples of effective institutional progress, and actionable ideas for driving change. The Edge is a community for candid conversation about life in academics linked together by an open blog site and social media. Most content focuses on strategy for early career researchers to achieve their goals.  In this moment we hope to foster a space to share insights and strategies for engrafting reverence for the necessity of diversity in all forms.

We have glimpsed the leading edge of commitment to diversity in academics, but not the realization of genuine representation, inclusion, or equity. Please consider adding your voice to building momentum that cannot be stalled.

Why write or re-publish here?

Edge for Scholars is accessed by more than 300,000 individuals, and the Cutting Edge newsletter is delivered to more than 50,000 inboxes. Your thoughts or key information will have an audience. If you re-publish material from other blogs or print media, please include the entire piece of work, not only a link through. If the material is copyrighted, you are responsible for being in compliance.

What’s the format?

You choose how best to express your ideas. All rhetorical modes and creative energy are welcome including, and certainly not limited to: essays, point-counter point debates, examples of petitions and demands of groups within academics, round ups of resources and educational tools to promote enduring change, photo montages, videos, cartoons, and animations.

How do I get started?

We have a WordPress content management system that is straightforward. Steps for building a profile and creating a blog post are here. If you hit a snag, a member of the editorial team can help you at Be patient, it’s a labor of love, and they don’t work around the clock.

If you would like your work considered for an upcoming theme newsletter(s) please post before July 31, 2020.  We will keep an eye on what our audience is responding to as measured by views and likes to help select newsletter content.

Please share the link to your post on your social media. We also will share in Edge social media accounts.

Thank you for considering joining this crucial conversation.

And now for an overview of the fine print:

What are the boundaries?

Our community standards apply.

Pick up your megaphone!

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