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Seth Meyers (And Democrats) Get Owned by Ted Cruz on Diversity


Seth Meyers the “Late Night with Seth Meyers” host took a shot at Republicans on Thursday.  He claimed they are “lacking diversity and not fighting ‘for everyone’.” It was mean and bigoted and it was inaccurate, but that is not unusual.

Amanda Prestigiacomo at did the work, compiling the quotes from the tweets and media sources and organizing this post.

The tweet

Meyer’s Twitter account posted, “The GOP fights for everyone?” captioning a meme of the host’s monologue. “President Trump praised the Republican Party in a tweet and said it fights for ‘citizens from every background, and from every, race, religion, color and creed,’” the top of the meme reads. The bottom half, where it shows a photo of President Donald Trump smiling, adds: “And after he tweeted that, even his Twitter avatar couldn’t keep a straight face.”

The response

Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican who ran a contentious primary against Trump during the 2016 election, responded to Meyers. “Seth, why is your party’s presidential primary debate stage all-white? … Only 78-yr-old socialists need apply? … The GOP debate stage was quite different… Why has no Hispanic won even a single primary state in the history of Dem party? … In 2016, Senator Marco Rubio won 1 & I won 12 – a fact the mainstream media ignores, “#Opportunity4All.” Ouch…

Democrats tout racial diversity. It really isn’t true. Even in New Hampshire, it is not true. Think back to the most recent first district or the past three Second congressional district races. New Hampshire Republicans picked people of color. Democrats didn’t.

And Democrats glaringly lacked diversity during their primary debate in Des Moines, where all their candidates were white.

The candidates

The Hill noted Democratic presidential candidate Deval Patrick did not qualify for the debate stage. As reported by The Hill, Mr. Patrick took a shot at the remaining Democrats’ lack of diversity saying, “Tonight, six candidates will take the debate stage, all remarkable public servants… Yet tonight America will not see herself in full… Three of the four candidates who have most recently left the race have been candidates of color.”

Ahead of the debate, tech entrepreneur and Democratic candidate Andrew Yang spoke to Politico about the Democrats’ lack of racial diversity on the debate stage saying, “I was very cognizant of being the lone candidate of color in the debate, and I said it was an honor and disappointment. Race has not been the central theme of my campaign from the beginning… It’s more natural to talk about it when you’re literally the only person of color on a national debate stage. Being the lone person of color on the stage in December was important.”

According to Politico, Yang, who once said the DNC’s rules were fair and transparent, has now “come to recognize the toll he thinks the DNC requirements have had on diversity in the debates… The Democratic Party reflects the realities of our society where being able to run for office and contribute to political campaigns requires a degree of disposable income. If you’re black or Latino in the country, you are much less likely to have disposable income. The Democratic Party is not immune from those inequities and financial realities.


Say what you will. When the players in the game tell you there’s an issue. There is an issue for someone. The questions are: Who owns it? Who has done something? What’s minority unemployment again?

Just another whopper from the party that brought you Lieawatha and Nancy’s “Wrap up smear.”  The Big Lie is the tool and trade of the Democrat Party. Don’t know what I’m talking about read Dinesh D’Souza’s book.  Seth Meyers got owned Thursday by Ted Cruz on diversity because he believes the big lie. Are you owned by the Democrat Party like Seth Meyers or are you capable of thinking for yourself?

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