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safeCircle COVID-19 Testing FAQ for Suffolk Community College Students

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What is safeCircle testing?

  • Using high-sensitivity RT-PCR analysis, the safeCircle™ COVID-19 Surveillance Testing Program helps prevent virus spread by quickly identifying infected members of a community circle. A self-collected sample using a short anterior nasal swab (ANS) is gathered at your designated testing site; results will be available within 24 to 48 hours of sample collection.

What are you doing with my DNA after it is tested for COVID?

  • Your samples will only be used for COVID-19 testing under the Program and no other information will be obtained from your samples. Each sample will be destroyed once COVID-19 testing of the sample is complete.

Is this a rapid or PCR test?

  • safeCircle uses the FDA EUA authorized Linea™ COVID-19 RT PCR test which is highly sensitive, highly specific and manufactured by Applied DNA Sciences.

What is CLEARED4?

  • CLEARED4 is the health verification platform used to manage the SUNY Suffolk testing program, including sample tracking and reporting.

  • You will receive a Welcome message to your phone number and/or email address. Your registration creates a personal, private home page link for you. It never changes so you can save it and launch it like an app. Your results from the ADCL lab are communicated back to you through this same system via email or text. Program Administrators with special permission use the system for program reporting.

How do I get started?

  • You’ll receive a Welcome email which will set up your personal home page link upon registration. Read and approve the testing consent and validate your personal information. Program registration can be completed via mobile phone or computer.
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I’m having issues with Cleared4 registration app. Who do I contact for help?

  • Contact your SUNY Suffolk IT Help Desk.

What is the testing frequency?

  • Samples from the eligible population of faculty, staff and students are to be submitted once per week.

How do I prepare for the COVID test?

  • Make sure you are registered in the system. Once you are registered you can walk into your testing facility.

What will happen at my test?

  • When you arrive at the testing site, you’ll be met by a Greeter. You will be asked for an acceptable form of identification to verify it’s you. The Greeter will assign you a uniquely identified sampling kit. You’ll self-collect your own sample with a healthcare observer present and drop the kit in a dropbox on the way out. ADCL couriers safely transport all samples to the laboratory for processing.

How do I swab my nose?

  • The safeCircle swab is small, inserted only far enough so the tip is no longer visible, and then swirled in each nostril for about 10 seconds.
unscrew cap

Open your kit and remove the sample collection tube. Unscrew the lid and keep it nearby.

tube stand

Place the tube in the holder provided. Be careful not to spill the liquid in the tube.

swab removal

Open the swab package. Pull swab out of its packaging by the handle. Do not touch the soft tip with your hands or lay it down on any surface.

Do I need to wear a mask when I arrive at the testing site?

  • Anyone entering the room must wear a mask. Masks will be made available if you do not have one.

Do I need my student/staff/faculty ID?

  • A SUNY Suffolk representative will ensure you are registered in the system using your form of identification and your unique sample collection kit will be assigned by a safeCircle team member after asking for your ID number or name.
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Can I go to a SUNY Suffolk testing site other than my college?

  • Yes, you may visit any of the three campuses to submit a sample.

What if I’m not available at the times the testing site is available?

  • You are welcome to submit a sample at other testing sites that may have more convenient times for you. If you are not able to find a suitable location, please contact your site Liaison for further guidance.

How long will this process take once I arrive for my test?

  • From start to finish, you may plan on 15 minutes, subject to the number of Participants in the queue.

Where do I find my results?

  • Once test results are processed by ADCL (the safeCircle lab), you will receive an email notifying you that you are ‘Cleared for Campus’ by your COVID test or ‘Not Cleared for Campus’ by your COVID test. 

What happens if I test positive for COVID?

  • You will receive a notification and will be contacted by a representative of the program.

Where are results reported?

  • Results are stored in the CLEARED4 system, accessible only to those with approved access. Results are also sent to the New York State Department of Health as required for COVID as an infectious disease.

Will I have to pay for COVID testing?

  • There is no charge to SUNY Suffolk Participants in the safeCircle testing program.
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