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President Biden urges more investment in education when asked about the gasoline crisis –


As Twitchy reported earlier this week, the White House declared a state of emergency in 17 states and the District of Columbia in response to the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline, which was reportedly hit by a ransomware attack. President Biden didn’t directly blame the Kremlin but said “there is evidence” the hackers or the software they used are “in Russia.”

What is the anti-pipeline president’s plan to address the gasoline shortage, or “supply crunch”? Secure more money for education so that we can train cybersecurity experts to keep this sort of thing from happening again.

Biden on the gas crisis: “Wee need to make a greater investment in education”

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) May 12, 2021

Biden on the gas crisis: “I think we have to make a greater investment in education as it relates to be able to train and graduate more people proficient in cyber security.”

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) May 12, 2021

Could we also restart construction of the Keystone XL pipeline while we wait for the new generation of cybersecurity experts to graduate from schools where they teach that 2 plus 2 equals 5?

This is worse than anything we could’ve legitimately imagined.

— Blue Sky Rippers (@blueskyrippers) May 12, 2021

I am officially getting scared

Who, and I ask this all sincerity, is writing his talking points?

We think he might have gone off-script on this one. Hopefully.

Joe learned the ‘cyber security’ term this morning.

Anyone get the feeling that Joe just spouts something an aide told him 5 minutes prior?

— Keith Maniac, from Guatemala (@CutItOutPutin) May 12, 2021

He’s literally too stupid to insult.

— Not_Papa_P (@NotPapaP1) May 12, 2021

This is beyond parody at this point. Actually terrifying

Does he mean, like, learn to code? 😬

— Dr. Judgmental Shoelace, PhD. 🇺🇸 🇮🇪 🇭🇰 🇹🇼 (@DocKilmer) May 12, 2021

“Learn to code.”

— Whisky.mtns (@Mtns_Whiskey) May 12, 2021

We would have put “learn to code” in the headline but we’re not sure if Twitter is still suspending people who use those three words in that order.

Hmm. Or we could forego hackable IT-driven utilities in favor of manual buttons and levers that blue-collar workers can push and pull at different times of the day.

— Hunter Biden’s Personal Life Coach & Publicist (@TomJefferson30) May 12, 2021

And we all know “greater investment in education” means more money for the teachers unions.

Says the man who has allowed teachers and teachers unions to keep the schools closed while our children’s education suffers.

— RaKell, So Inappropriate (Sworn Enemy of Rufus!) (@MrsRotnjetski) May 12, 2021

Solid plan

— C Johnson⏳ Free J Assange (@CJlegalBeagle) May 12, 2021

Huh? …20 years from the crisis?

There’s an investment in education required to tell people not to click on a link in an email you don’t recognize?

— Scott Dourque 🇺🇸 🇮🇱 (@NotBruinOregon) May 12, 2021

Joe Biden was mediocre in his youth and prime. He’s completely unfit for any office in his current state.

— Wheel Lofter 🇺🇸 (@WheelLofter) May 12, 2021

Biden is an idiot. The national intelligence agencies, which are part of HIS administration, had a massive failure resulting in gas shortages for much of the country. He deflects. He is basically Nero fiddling whilst Rome burns.

— Howard Roark II (@tr123xyz) May 12, 2021

The administration informed us just a couple of days ago that the shutdown is a private-sector decision:

“That is a private sector decision”: White House officials say they have not offered advice to Colonial Pipeline on whether to pay ransom to hackers who shut down a vital U.S. pipeline

— CBS News (@CBSNews) May 10, 2021

Shutting down the Keystone Pipeline wasn’t a private sector decision.

— Ryan Costello (@RyanCostello) May 11, 2021

Carter Administration 2.0: #GasShortage trends on Twitter after ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline

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