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Pandemic Pedagogy in Culturally Responsive Education | CUE, Inc.


How are we bridging digital equity and culturally responsive education in Pre K–12 and beyond? How are vital educators leveraging new ongoing modern pandemic pedagogy practices to rethink the status quo? We are not going back to pre-COVID pedagogy. Are we? Pandemic pedagogy, a nickname for remote and hybrid learning during the coronavirus crisis, requires educators to wear many hats, including, but not limited to, those of teacher, social worker, curriculum designer, and instructional technologist. Join us as we continue the #DigitalVAGOS Pedagogy Pachanga (CUE famous hall conversations). We will talk to Eduleaders about the tools, resources, and strategies they are using on creating approaches that allow them to recognize that students bring strengths into the classroom that should be leveraged to make new learning experiences more relevant to and effective for them.

Pandemic pedagogy has starkly underscored how our schools are designed for those with technological, social, and economic privilege. As teachers are asked to deliver engaging, relevant, and responsive lessons to students with vastly different resources and capacities, often across various platforms and with little guidance from schools, they have less time, support, and capacity than ever. If that is not enough, many are being asked to do it all without regard for the mental and physical toll that comes with processing national (racial reckoning) and mass (global pandemic) trauma.

In part because of the breadth and depth of these challenges, the goal for many schools during the pandemic has been to maintain the status quo as seamlessly as possible, keep students on track, engage, and meet the demands of teachers, families, and local and state standards. But the challenges exacerbated by the pandemic have made it clear that “normal” for many students wasn’t working before the pandemic and is not working now. “Normal” looked like deep digital divides and gross resource inequities. By aiming for the status quo, we may be missing out on an immense opportunity to leverage this moment for bold, transformational change.

What will it take to capitalize on this moment and create the sustained change that students have long needed? What are the most significant needs, challenges, and opportunities of this moment? Join this Pedagogy Pachanga to find out some solutions.

Join Martin on Sunday, March 21st at 7:00pm PST for his session “Pedagogy Pachanga V2 – Pandemic Pedagogy in Culturally Responsive Education.” Register for Virtual Spring CUE today at!

Martin Ricardo Cisneros (@TheTechProfe) is a Modern Learning Advisor, speaker, GeekDad, TechJedi, SuperMariachi, and a Director of Technology, from Silicon Valley! At his current position, he provides strategic leadership in anticipating and developing appropriate and innovative systems to future needs and challenges regarding the District’s information technology program and blended learning in the workplace and classroom.

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