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November in review for World Triathlon Development and Education — World Triathlon


November was filled with activities for World Triathlon Development and Education, including the 2021 Minsk World Triathlon Level 1 Coaches Course in Belarus on November 15, 2021 Al-Khobar World Triathlon Activator Community Seminar in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, Korea Triathlon World Triathlon Coaches Education Programme Graduation, the launch of the next edition of the World Triathlon Mentoring Programme, 2021 World Triathlon Technical Official (TO) Seminar in Madrid and a Technical Official course in Oman. Read on for a summary of the exceptional activity and initiatives delivered by World Triathlon Development and Education, during the month of November.

2021 Minsk World Triathlon Level 1 Coaches Course was postponed from 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This was the first coach education course in Belarus.
Marуia Charkouskaya-Tarasevich, Secretary-General, Belarusian Triathlon Federation
“Belarusian Triathlon Federation was happy to host the first-ever WT Level 1 Coaches Course in Minsk. The course was a brilliant opportunity for Belarusian experienced coaches and young coaches to have access to the coaches education program created by the WT and delivered by international facilitators Zeljko Bijuk and Alexander Kochetkov. 14 coaches from Belarusian sport state schools and triathlon clubs had 5 busy days of theoretical studies and practical sessions. For some of the coaches, the coaching methods offered by Zeljko and Sasha were absolutely different from what they used to study and practice locally. It is vital for a coach to learn from the best international practices in order to achieve better performance of his/her athletes. And the participants had a great chance to learn and try new effective methods of coaching and share their own experience with their colleagues. I hope that the coaches will be able to use all the knowledge and skills they got during the week of the course in our local environment.”

Participant testimonials
Safya Kryvetskaya
“I really enjoy the course. I feel that I’m getting more understanding of how to coach, getting better as a coach. I appreciate that the facilitators respect our opinion and our mistakes, help to develop and to translate our ideas into reality, convey our ideas. Some seemingly obvious things are shown from a different angle. It’s really cool.”

Hanna Maksimava
“Classes are interesting, facilitators are conducting classes in a variety of ways. The theoretical part takes place in the form of group discussions, lectures and exercises.
The practical part allows us to gain new experience in coaching, learn about new exercises that I will use with pleasure in my coaching.”

Aleksei Zasim
“I get from the course a detailed explanation of all the elements in triathlon from a professional point of view. The course helps to unite the team and cheer up.”

Aliaksandr Markovich
“Very interesting course. Coaches help me to look at my mistakes from the outside point of view. Informative and well structured.”

Alena Tsimashenka
“I’m enjoying the course in triathlon! That’s what I need for my development and coaching. The facilitators are very professional and skilled. The practical parts are very dynamic and useful.”

Within a month Qatar Triathlon Federation hosted two Technical Officials education programmes (Community and Level 1 Technical Officials Seminar) in order to have an upskilled technical and event organizer team to host the 2021 Asia Triathlon Cup Doha at the end of November. Both courses were conducted by Duncan Hough, World Triathlon TO Facilitator from Great Britain.
2021 Al-Khobar World Triathlon Activator Community Seminar
By Firas Al-Hmood, Asia Triathlon Coordinator

Putting Triathlon at the Service of Humankind Al-KHOBAR – KSA (December 04, 2021) –

The key mission of development at World Triathlon is to “empower NGBs to develop self-sufficient programs that strive for sustained competitive excellence on all levels”.

In order to see constructive change, sport is a prism through which we can often see that. Because it is absolutely fine to consider, for instance, a new way or ways to see things differently. To approach that, it means broadening your horizons.

The first few days of December were a regal celebration for World Triathlon generally, for Asia Triathlon regionally and for Saudi Arabia specifically. Especially during such mad times around the world. As a new emerging NF, Saudi Arabia Triathlon Federation successfully completed the 2021 Al-Khobar World Triathlon Activator Community Seminar. Four days of crash work, operated by Firas Al-Hmood (JOR), Franz Studer (RSA) & Alpar Nagy (HUN), were highlighted with a successful local sprint triathlon with more than 200 participants and with outstanding female participation from the region.

Ali Magboul, NF President & Electrical Engineer, stated afterwards: “It was very interesting. It was really nice and comprehensive. The way you do it makes us feel like we are part of a nice family”. He also added: “My highlight was meeting people from World Triathlon and realising how much data we have access to – without any cost and at any time. It is time to collaborate further and work on developing our national coaches and technical officials.”

On the other hand, Jude Jamjoom, NF VP, added: “It was more than expected! It was not only best practices. But it was about how things are done properly.” Moreover, “Franz mentioned something which rang bells! Engaging home-grown talents and making sure that it is all-inclusive”. After being asked: Do you believe that the activator course helped you shape your future strategies? Miss Jamjoom answered: “Of course! It was all about accelerating… but now it is no longer like that. It is going to become nurturing the environment, and creating an eco-system that will sustainably grow the sport.

Dr. Dina Al-Tayeb, dentist, board member at Saudi Triathlon and the first female and Saudi person to do a triathlon, also expressed her thoughts: “I loved the seminar! I have attended many courses but this one had so many new things to learn. I really liked the part where we combined theory with practice. Especially on the event’s day.”

Last but not least, Miss Talah Al-Hashimi, mother of three and technical committee member at Saudi Triathlon stated: “It was fun and eye-opening. And we as females have all the support from our NF and ministry of sports, especially after better understanding the key roles of an emerging federation”.

Finally, Alpar Nagy – World Triathlon Facilitator – expressed his gratitude for such an opportunity and his positive thoughts regarding the outcomes of this course.

World Triathlon Development and Education launch its Mentee Recruitment, for the second delivery of its World Triathlon Mentorship Programme. Since the introduction of the World Triathlon Mentorship Programme in August 2020, World Triathlon has trained more than 100 Mentees. Their first mentoring cycle is coming to an end and World Triathlon are now calling for new Mentees, who could benefit from the program.

National Federations are being asked to nominate individuals from within their community to become Mentees.
7 December 2021 – 21 January 2022: Mentee application period
21 January: Application deadline
1-15 February: Selection Panels to select mentees for a new mentoring cycle.
21-28 February: Mentee E-Course on the Education & Knowledge Hub
1 March: A New Mentoring Cycle starts

The World Triathlon Technical Official Course in Oman was the next step, after helping implement the inaugural Duathlon Series in Oman. The Oman Triathlon Committee is set to deliver the first series of Women’s Duathlon events in October and December 2021. Baida Alzadjali, a representative on the World Triathlon Women’s Committee, champions the development of triathlon in Oman and is part of the local organising committee for Oman Women’s Duathlon events.
The sport of triathlon is developing in Oman with the number of local athletes with the number of participating athletes rising in Oman Triathlon Committee’s first event in 2020 to 50 local athletes. The female numbers are still very low at 3 athletes, who have competed in different events in the last few years.
Oman Duathlon Series_2021

2021 Madrid World Triathlon Technical Officials Level 3 Seminar
took place in Spain from Thursday 25 to Sunday 28 November 2021. The course was invitational based on eligibility requirements and ran in accordance to the New Certification Program, where Level 3 officials are separated to Level 3a and Level 3b. 20 Technical Officials from 15 different countries were represented at the seminar in Madrid.

The fourth edition of the Korea Triathlon – World Triathlon Coaching Education Programme has come to an end. The close of the programme was celebrated with a Graduation Ceremony, where all stakeholders came together via a virtual meeting format, on Tuesday 23 November. The 2021 edition of the Korea Triathlon – World Triathlon Coaching Education Programme has an instrumental role in piloting the World Triathlon Level 1 and Level 2 Coaches E-Courses for the first time in the history of World Triathlon. Endless working hours, expertise and continuous monitoring went into this process prior, during and post-course. The World Triathlon Education and Knowledge Hub became the home of the course and the core of World Triathlon Coach Education.

Similar to the 2019 edition (where World Triathlon Development included important Facilitator development elements into the face-to-face delivery in Incheon by having Emma Brunning (GBR), World Triathlon Coach Facilitator Developer on site, this year’s courses also had this important focus.
Adjusting to fully online delivery made it necessary to introduce various Facilitator roles:
• Cohort Facilitators were there for their dedicated groups throughout the full duration of the course as main points of contact and tutors responsible for assessments.
• Seminar Facilitators took some load off the shoulders of Cohort Facilitators by delivering online live sessions with necessary preparations and follow-up.
• We also had some Guest Speakers jumping into the seminars bringing their experiences and insights to the table.
As all online sessions (Facilitator Open Hours and Seminars) were recorded, not only participants had the option to review them, but Facilitators and World Triathlon Development also. Self-reflection, peer bench-marking and reflections, and to-the-point feedback from the Facilitator Developer all became integral parts of the online delivery. This is something new that we didn’t have previously.
As an out-comes of this intense and various facilitator development, World Triathlon has created a Coaches Online Course Delivery Guidelines and will release World Triathlon Coach Facilitator Policy and Guidelines in January 2022.

A total of twenty (20) facilitators representing 14 National Federations and 5 continents delivered the 2021 Korean Triathlon – World Triathlon Coaching Education Programme in three languages (English, Spanish, French) this year.

List of facilitators:
Alejandro Canas (ESP)
Alexandr Kochetkov (LTU)
Anthony Lozada (PHI)
Claudia Beristain (MEX)
Eugene Lee (SGP)
Emma Carney (AUS)
Fenella Ng (HKG)
Franz Studer (RSA)
Laurent Massias(FRA)
Mick Delamotte (AUS)
Milos Petelin (SLO)
Neil MacPherson (RSA)
Peter Clifford (AUS)
Rodrigo Milazzo (BRA)
Scott Murray (GBR)
Sergio Santos (POR)
Travis Campbell (RSA)
Vicent Beltran (ESP)
Viv Williams (RSA)
Zeljko Bijuk (CRO)

The virtual delivery opened new opportunities and let guest speakers (elite athletes, experts and high-performance coaches) join the live seminars. Coach candidates could get insights from high-performance coaches, experts and elite athletes about training and racing in triathlon.
Guest Speakers:
o Mark Devay (HUN) – elite athlete
o Ognjen Stojanovic (SRB) – elite athlete, ASICS World Triathlon Team member
o Carlos David Prieto (ESP) – Javier Gomez Noya’s coach
o Roberto Celeuja Anta (ESP) – Fernando Alarza’s coach, professor of University of Alicante
o Jaime Menendez de Luarca (ESP) – Cycling expert

For more information on World Triathlon Development and Education Programmes visit the website.

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