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Nonprofit CEOs Must Lead their Organization’s Diversity Efforts | Nonprofit HR


There has never been a more timely opportunity for social impact leaders to demonstrate their commitment to diversity. However, many CEOs may find themselves with a need to self-examine their leadership competencies, particularly when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion. In a post-pandemic economy, mission-driven organizations have the unique power to lead through action and example, which can accelerate sector-wide change.

In a recent interview with, Nonprofit HR’s CEO, Lisa Brown Alexander recently explained,”Most people are socialized around certain beliefs and perceptions, and it’s not easy to unpack those overnight.” The actual diversity of an organization’s staff is the top indicator of an employer’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Making an intentional effort to build a diverse workforce and culture starts with the CEO and three prerequisites to making this type of commitment are awareness, conversation and commitment. While the are many actions to explore, here are four key ways to begin moving the needle forward:

It’s no secret that failure to demonstrate commitment to diversity erodes a mission’s ability
to attract and retain best talent. When left unaddressed or under-addressed, inequitable treatment of employees has a toxic, destructive effect on an organization’s culture.

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