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New Dungeons & Diversity Models from Strata Miniatures – Spikey Bits


Dungeons and Diversity Feature rEveryone should be able to envision their RPG characters as themselves! The Dungeons and Diversity line is doing just that with great minis!

Strata Miniatures has a ton of really cool minis, but today we’re taking a look at some of their newest releases. This line is all about helping people represent themselves as badass characters in their favorite RPGs! They also offer all of these as either STLs or minis. That way everyone can take advantage of these great models. On top of that, 25% of the profits go towards Ehlers-Danos Support UK. Nothing wrong with getting some great minis and helping a good cause. 

Also, if you want some great rules for these minis, there is a really cool Patreon you should go support. Sara on Patreon is creating diverse content and supplements for TTRPGs and her most recent project goes perfectly with these minis, a combat wheelchair manuscript! If you have a minute you should go check out what their Patreon is all about! Let’s jump into the new minis!

Dungeons & Diversity – Half-Elf Ranger: £15.00/£5.00 STL

Half Elf Ranger Dungeons and DiversityThe mini looks great! And for the price, it’s not too bad to get a great character for your next campaign. If you grab the STL you can create as many as you want, so just another reason to hop on the 3D printing bandwagon!

Half-Elf Wizard: £15.00/£5.00 STL

Half elf WizardJust another amazing mini/STL! LEt’s hear from them about this mini:

Knowledge and wisdom are the true paths to enlightenment. With an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a mind as sharp as a razor, the wizard can be the most valuable ally in any situation.

Human Fighter: £15.00/£5.00 STL

Human FighterThis is decked out with some seriously dangerous-looking features! Just to note on all of these, these were on pre-order but are starting to ship on 1/29/21.

Human Bard: £15.00/£5.00 STL

Human BardThis is the last mini we’re covering for today, but they have a ton of other great minis in this line and you should really go check them out!

That does it for this one, just some super fun minis to help even more people get into TTRGPs!

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