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‘Mythbusting’: Tampax wants ‘to celebrate the diversity of all people who bleed’ –


There’s actually been a lot of news about feminine hygiene over the last few years. Toronto’s mayor just this year proclaimed Menstrual Hygiene Day to help end the stigma surrounding periods for not women, but “menstruators.” Procter & Gamble recently removed the female gender symbol from Always pads so as not to exclude trans men. And tampon justice even came up during the Democratic primary, with Julián Castro taking the occasion of National Period Day to highlight those who have to choose between work and tampons.

It doesn’t have to be Menstrual Hygiene Day for Tampax to celebrate the diversity of all people who bleed, however. This tweet was posted in September but is getting a lot of attention today.

Fact: Not all women have periods. Also a fact: Not all people with periods are women. Let’s celebrate the diversity of all people who bleed! 💙🎨: @gobeeharris #mythbusting #periodtruths #transisbeautiful

— Tampax (@Tampax) September 15, 2020

If your internal organs from birth, resemble the diagram on the left, you don’t need tampons, if it resembles the diagram on the right, you do…. hope that helps.

You can use any flowchart you like but it’ll always come full circle back to uteruses which only biological females have.

— Emma (@EmmaCleanHands) October 24, 2020

Good god. Woke 2020.

Finally an explanation as to why I’m always irritable and in a bad mood…

But 100% of people who have periods are female.

But, if you want to try to sell this stuff to males too, be my guest… nosebleeds happen.

— Mansquatch Memesmith (@RayStone81) October 24, 2020

Sigh…so tired of companies disrespecting their main target audience & gaslighting the public for virtue signaling points.

Don’t know what to think about this other than my sympathies go to all biological women who are having their hard earned rights and monthly suffering almost brushed out of reality

— 🔔 Sir Amplus Bell (@Victorian__Dad) October 24, 2020

So. Women don’t really exist as separate, unique human beings. We are all genderless nothings like soulless androids.

— Hello Suburban Lifestyle Kitty (@TBASgtPrincess) October 24, 2020

Women exist as a subset of menstruators.

I’m a 40+ year old man and haven’t had a period yet. Should I be worried?? 😎😎😎

— Bong Rips and Tall Boys DFS #EmbraceTheSuckDFS (@PoSt0nerDegen) October 24, 2020

I’m confused @Tampax! What is the categorical term for people whose bodies are designed to have periods? There must be one!

Congratulations @Tampax you are being entered into the Woke 2020 awards for this post.

However, i regret to inform you this year has been exceptionally woke and the competition so high that you are unlikely to win. Try harder next year. Thanks.

— British Alba (@BritishAlba) October 24, 2020

You really thought this was going to go differently didn’t you

— Lyndsey Fifield (@lyndseyfifield) October 24, 2020

There are people literally burning their “Harry Potter” books over this.


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