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Male Teachers Wear Skirts to Class to Support Students and ‘Promote Diversity’


A number of teachers across the country are wearing the article of clothing to their classrooms as part of the Clothes Have No Gender movement – promoted in Spanish by the hashtag #laropanotienegenero – after a male student was expelled for wearing a skirt to class last year.

Two teachers that have gained support and notoriety online after donning skirts to class are Manuel Ortega, 37, and Borja Velazquez, 36, who are both instructors in San Esteban, Valladolid.

Piñas was inspired to do so after 15-year-old student Mikel Gómez, who lives in the Basque Country, was removed from class and sent to see his psychologist after wearing a skirt to class. The experience, which Gómez later shared to TikTok, inspired myriad boys throughout Spain to wear skirts to class to take down gender norms.

Tweeting a photo of himself in a skirt, Piñas wrote: “20 years ago I suffered persecution and insults for my sexual orientation in the institute where I am now a teacher.”

“Many teachers, they looked the other way,” he continued. “I want to join the cause of the student, Mikel, who has been expelled and sent to the psychologist for going to class with a skirt.”

One need only look at the historic use of kilts as a masculine article of clothing in Scotland, or the fact that jeans were once taboo for women before gaining popularity, to see that this is the case.

Ambergris has been coveted by humans for a long time for its perceived medicinal and aphrodisiac qualities. It has also been used in the manufacturing of expensive perfumes.

Since 2014, the people of Yemen have been on the receiving end of devastating offensives by a Saudi Arabia-led military coalition in a campaign that has seen tens of thousands of people killed and Yemen pushed to the brink of famine. In October, the United Nations estimated that some 80 percent of the population – over 24 million people – required aid and protection.

An Alabama man is suing the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office for excessive force and civil rights violations after a sheriff’s deputy handcuffed him too tightly for several hours, resulting in major injuries that ultimately led to the amputation of his left hand.

Giovanni Loyola, 26, was at his mother’s trailer in Pinson, Alabama,  on Feb. 16, 2020, when three sheriff’s deputies arrived in response to reports of an alleged fight between two men wielding firearms.

According to the lawsuit, a “Deputy Godber” grabbed Loyola by the wrist and roughly detained him mere moments after Loyola answered the door.

At that point, the deputy then pulled Loyola down the stairs and “slammed” him against the car before throwing him to the ground and punching him in the face. The deputy proceeded to handcuff Loyola in a manner that as “unbearably tight.”

Loyola claims that complications from the incident led to the amputation of his hand 10 months later.

First, they removed a few fingertips. Four operations later, doctors had removed Giovanni Loyola’s entire hand. Loyola is now suing a sheriff’s deputy in Jefferson County, Ala., alleging he was handcuffed too tightly for hours. (via @SarahWhitesk)

— Ashley Remkus (@aremkus1)

According to the deputy’s report, Loyola was allegedly intoxicated and fighting with family members before he fought the deputies and resisted arrest. Loyola, however, claims that he was merely watching television.

During the arrest, Loyola complained that he was feeling numb in his left hand but deputy Godber ignored his pleas.

“The handcuffs remained tightly on Plaintiff’s wrists until they were removed hours later at the jail,” the amended complaint read. “After Plaintiff got out of jail on February 28, 2020, his left wrist was still in tremendous pain.”

“protect and serve”

— HΛMMØND BΛCØN (@Gnarizardd)

Following his release from jail, Loyola checked into a local hospital and was told that he had a severe blood flow issue requiring surgery. Upon admission at Ascension St. Vincent’s East hospital in Birmingham, his fingertips were grey and doctors had a “concern for necrosis.”

Following multiple hospital visits and four surgeries over the course of 10 months, he eventually had the left hand amputated.

According to his lawsuit, a man arrested and left in a holding cell pleaded for his handcuffs to be loosened. They weren’t, and when he was released he sought medical attention. 10 months and 4 surgeries later, his left hand is gone completely.

— Peter Bonilla (@pebonilla)

“Deputy Godber handcuffed Plaintiff’s wrists so tightly that Plaintiff immediately lost sensation in one hand, and Deputy Godber refused to loosen the handcuffs even after Plaintiff told him that they were too tight and were causing him pain,” Loyola’s attorneys argued. “These actions and inactions constituted unreasonable and excessive force.”

The lawsuit also alleges that deputies unlawfully searched his home without a warrant. Loyola is now suing for compensatory damages related to the physical and mental toll of the ordeal, his loss of income due to an inability to work, as well as medical costs, legal fees, and punitive damages.

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