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Let’s Talk About Diversity & Inclusion


Last week, we were thrilled to reveal our Diversity & Inclusion pack from Talemetry by Jobvite. If you’re familiar with Talemetry, you know that diversity is something we care deeply about, and as a recruitment marketing platform, we’ve been committed to ensuring candidates of all orientations, creeds, races, ethnicities, and backgrounds get the opportunities they deserve. And we believe that companies like yours shouldn’t miss out on the best candidates due to things like implicit and unconscious biases.

To that end, we wanted to take a look back to a panel discussion we hosted last year that discussed how to source and attract more diverse candidates. Our panelists included Dean Da Costa, author of  The Search Authority, Lori Sylvia, Founder and CEO of Rally Recruitment Marketing, and Stephen Schwander, Product Strategy Leader for Jobvite.

During the webinar, our expert panelists shared their experiences and advice on:diversity-webinar.gif

Some of the key takeaways from the webinar were how to attract diversity, source candidates, and personalize the candidate experience.

Attract with the Right Messaging

We reviewed five pillars to how companies are attracting diverse candidates including strategic objectives, employer value proposition (EVP), audiences, messages, and channels.

Successful companies are making diversity a priority by making it a strategic objective. Lori shared headlines such as:

Leadership teams are making a commitment to a diverse workforce that will bring diversity of thought and innovation to their organizations.

Messaging and your channels need to be proactively planned. Messaging should consider what your EVP is. If diversity is genuinely important to your organization, your EVP should reflect that. The messages you communicate to your diverse candidates are how you communicate your values. The messages should be thoughtful. Remember, with so many sites and tools today (according to The Talent Board, 29% of employees look at review sites such as Glassdoor), there are messages out there for your company whether you put them out there, or someone else does. Partner with your marketing organization to create a structure that communicates the positive messages that what you want future employees to know about your company. Use real employees for authenticity rather than stock photos. Be transparent, and genuine, but communicate your objectives. Take control of that messaging and create the positive messaging that will attract your strategic audiences.

And the channels are just as important as the messages. Those messages need to reach candidates where they are. There are great sites such as, the Muse, and Veteran Recruiting where diverse job seekers are looking for insights about what companies they’d like to work for.

To enable all of these five pillars, Stephen shared from his experience working for and with many recruitment marketing teams, a centralized recruitment marketing platform is essential. A centralized platform will provide the visibility to know what tactics and plans are getting traction, and which ones should be dropped.

Meet Candidates Where They Are with Better Sourcing

After reviewing the five pillars to attract great candidates, Dean Da Costa shared some of his expertise on how to source diverse candidates. There are many great tools available and with a knowledge of how to use those tools, Dean has been able to find those diverse candidates to bring innovation and creativity to the workforce. The challenge is often that diverse candidates don’t identify themselves as such. They may not specify that they are a woman, or an African-American, Hispanic, disabled, or a veteran. So it’s up to sourcers to know what to look for to find those candidates.

Just some of the ways that Dean has been successful is searching on organizations, colleges, fraternities, sororities, and even lists of common names for an ethnic group to find those diverse candidates.

Organizations. There are organizations to which diverse candidates may belong to such as WIT (Women in Technology) or WITI (Women in Technology International). Or veterans who belong to DAV (Disabled American Veterans). It’s likely if candidates belong to these organizations targeted to diverse groups, they are in fact a member of that diverse group.

Fraternities and Sororities. There are many fraternities and sororities that cater to diverse groups such as Gamma Alpha Omega that is a Latina founded sorority.

Colleges and Universities. There are colleges and universities targeted to specific diverse groups. It may be that not all of the students fit that diverse population, but there’s a good chance that many of them do. Colleges like Morehouse College that are historically African American, or Wellesley College that is catered to women. Searching for schools such as these will get you closer to your diverse candidates.

Keyword Boolean searches. Knowing how to effectively use boolean searches will also get you closer to your diverse candidates and eliminate significant wasted time. Boolean search is a type of search allowing users to combine keywords with operators (or modifiers) such as AND, NOT and OR to further produce more relevant results). Knowing how to search for veterans, and more specifically military veterans, as opposed to veteran football players, will focus your efforts on those candidates that you are seeking.

Common names lists. There are certain ethnic groups that have lists of common names, specific to their ethnicity. Of course that doesn’t mean that every single person in the world with that name belongs to that ethnicity, but there’s a good chance of it. 

One of the discussions we had was about being sincere and genuine if you are going to seek out certain diverse groups. For example, if you are going to look to hire veterans, think about what you are offering. Dean, a veteran himself, shared several stories of organizations that are truly committed to providing careers for veterans. If you are going to seek out veterans, is your organization willing to hold their position and pay their salary while that veteran is called up for active duty? Companies like Home Depot and Sears are among those that offer veteran employees paid salaries during active duty, retained positions, and dedicated parking spots. As Dean shared, veterans are a family. And if an employer treats a veteran bad, they all talk and the news of good or bad employers will be shared among them.

Ensure Candidates Feel Seen through Personalization

There are great many ways to personalize the candidate experience for strategic audiences. Lori shared some great examples of personalized candidate experiences. One way to personalize a candidate experience is with employee spotlight videos. And a point that Lori made was that these employee spotlight videos don’t need to be a huge investment. One video Lori mentioned was created by an intern with the technology that he had. But be genuine with those images and videos. Be sure they support your hiring objectives, but represent your real employees.

Using a centralized CRM will enable you to deliver a personalized candidate experience. With a Recruitment Marketing platform you can create personalized career site pages and content for targeted audiences. As job seekers self-select a message or content for a strategic audience, you can then proactively share more relevant personalized messaging with them.

Our panelists provided great insight, and if you aren’t already registered, on May 1, Rally is hosting a free half-day virtual conference on How to Humanize the Candidate Experience with more authentic and transparent employer brands, more personalized and responsive communications, and more accessible and timely engagement.

Check out Talemetry’s Diversity and Inclusion webinar replay for more insight and hints how to find those diverse candidates. Experts like Dean, Lori, and Stephen are helping organizations meet their diversity hiring goals everyday, driving innovation and success! And make sure to stop by our new Diversity & Inclusion page to learn how you can make sure no good candidate is left behind.

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