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Leaked Documents from Amazon’s Whole Foods Reveal Plan to Force Diversity to Divide Employees and Halt Unionization


For years, this publication has been telling you that the push for diversity is a strategy of divide and conquer, meant to separate society into disparate groups so that the people as a whole become unable to organize against the interests of the political and financial elite.

Now, the data wizards at Amazon have crunched some big numbers, and come to the conclusion that they need more brown people in their grocery stores, to keep the white people from forming labor unions.

This is the same reason why Europe needs all those Moslems: to keep white people from forming political parties.

Business Insider:

Whole Foods is keeping an eye on stores at risk of unionizing through an interactive heat map, according to five people with knowledge of the matter and internal documents viewed by Business Insider.

The heat map is powered by an elaborate scoring system, which assigns a rating to each of Whole Foods’ 510 stores based on the likelihood that their employees might form or join a union.

The stores’ individual risk scores are calculated from more than two dozen metrics, including employee “loyalty,” turnover, and racial diversity; “tipline” calls to human resources; proximity to a union office; and violations recorded by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The map also tracks local economic and demographic factors such as the unemployment rate in a store’s location and the percentage of families in the area living below the poverty line.

The stores’ scores on each metric are fed into the heat map, which is a geographic illustration of the United States peppered with red spots to indicate high-risk Whole Foods stores.

The heat map reveals how Whole Foods is using technology and data to help manage its vast workforce of more than 95,000 employees.

This would also seem to suggest that it benefits the company to have a high rate of employee turnover, from a population with high poverty and unemployment.

If everyone is poor and nobody has a job, employees should be less willing to risk their jobs by trying to form unions. If employees are turning over constantly, there will be no community relationships, no sense of solidarity to form the basis for collective organization.

I bet you could run a country this way.

Whole Foods’ heat map says lower rates of racial diversity increase unionization risks

The second group of metrics in the scoring system, called store risks, aren’t a direct cause of risk “but can predispose a store to risk,” according to documents.

Store-risk metrics include average store compensation, average total store sales, and a “diversity index” that represents the racial and ethnic diversity of every store. Stores at higher risk of unionizing have lower diversity and lower employee compensation, as well as higher total store sales and higher rates of workers’ compensation claims, according to the documents.

Research shows unionized workers tend to earn higher wages and are more likely to have access to certain benefits like employer-sponsored healthcare.

The joke here is that even anti-racist right wing populists like Alex Jones, and boilerplate left-wing socialists and communists, all agree with this data. But they claim that it is racism, not race, which is the wedge used to divide the working people.

Well, you can’t have one without the other.

The racial diversity preventing unionization in grocery stores is the difference between white people and brown people who have each grown up in a racially integrated school system, and who have all been taught from a very young age, both in education and the media, that racism is bad.

There is nothing more that can be done to teach people not to be racist. And still, they do not naturally form a community that is as capable of organizing to advance its own interests, as well as would a community where everyone has the same racial background.

That is because we developed in a tribal setting, and have been molded by millions of years of evolution to be more trusting of people who look like they are related to us.

People don’t think evolutionary psychology be like it is, but it do.

The anti-racist solution is to just shame people for their human nature and to believe that, one day, this problem will magically disappear. These are largely the same people who used to say that, under Marxist socialism, the state would one day disappear and leave behind a workers’ paradise, true communism, which has never been tried.

When they tell you that “America is still a racist country” after having institutionalized anti-racism since the 1960s, what they are really trying to say is that “true anti-racism has never been tried.”

If Jeff Bezos really cared about his Whole Foods employees, he would just have his white employees work in white area stores, and his brown employees work in brown area stores. Everyone would be happier this way.

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