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Juxtapoz Magazine – Icy & Sot’s Special Edition Box Set Celebrates the Diversity of Their Practice


The last time we featured Iranian brothers Saman and Sasan Oskouei, better known in the art world as Icy and Sot, was just under a year ago when they released a video inspired by climate activist Greta Thunberg. A month earlier we enjoyed a conversation regarding their Paris solo show, which debuted the wide variety of work they have been doing for the past four years since stepping away from stencils. One year later, the artists featured both on Radio Juxtapoz and in our 25th Anniversary issue, announced the release of their Special Edition Box Set which truly celebrates the diversity of their creative practice. Available in an edition of only 20 examples and 3 APs, this highly collectible set is entirely made by Icy & Sot in their Brooklyn studio.

A sort of “greatest hits,” the release features a sculptural piece, A New America, made from steel and expanded metal and measuring 23 x 15.5 inches. Created after their infamous in-situ installation This new American Flag introduced in 2018 and available as a photo print later on, is a simple yet impactful  example of the artists’ interest in sculpture. The next item in the box is Break Free, a self-produced screenprint on speckletone paper, an image made after the fence piece which debuted at their last solo show in Paris last year. Showing a silhouette of a human running through or from a wire fence, it is one in the series of images that comment on the ongoing, worldwide migration. And finally, as the 3rd example of their work, the box features a photo print Open Door which is an image of their in-situ installation created on the beachfront in Ostend, Belgium, for the Crystal Ship festival in 2018. Introducing both their varied interest and skills in utilizing different techniques and mediums, the selection of works also showcases the main themes of their oeuvre,  revolving around environmental issues or the refugee crisis.

The Special edition box set will be available on February 3rd through Icy & Sot’s website, and each piece is coming signed/stamped and numbered by the artists and accompanied by COA. —Sasha Bogojev 

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