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It’s Time To Take Education Into Our Own Hands – Chicks On The Right

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.

I can’t really think of a time I heard Candace Owens speak and I disagreed with her, yet still, I’m impressed every time I get a chance to listen to a statement she’s put out. Oddly enough she just touched on a subject I am extremely passionate about; one that I’m becoming actively involved with as we speak.

Parents, school may not be good for your kids anymore. That’s a hard concept to swallow, but it’s the truth. It’s easier on us as parents to send our kids to school during the day, whether it’s because we need to go to work ourselves or because we just need a mental break. If they were getting a quality education, or even a minimally decent education, that would be fine. Is it optimal? No; no one will ever guide them better than you can, and no matter how good the school district is they’re going to encounter that delinquent in the bathroom who tries to introduce them to vaping or cursing. At some point that simply became an acceptable consequence of mass education…

But now the a-hole kid in the bathroom is joined by self-righteous teachers who feel like it’s their job to help encourage your kid’s sexuality (um, ew), expose them to one-sided politics when they’re in elementary school (okay class, can you spell r-a-c-i-s-t, like your grandpa), and undermine the religion, ethics, or morals we’re teaching at home.

It’s not like these kids have aced all of their tests and have free time to fill with nonsensical things. People today are dumb as hell. I mean, DUMB. Notoriously stupid. Have you seen the videos of Kaitlin Bennett asking basic history and geography questions? I don’t mean to depress you, but watching this video will make you question American society as a whole. It’s pretty sad.

When people can’t answer how many continents there are, or even which one we’re ON right now, they don’t need more trash lessons. They just really don’t.

Parents around the country are realizing this, so if you haven’t gotten on board you need to do it! Parents in Loudon County are showing up to the school board meeting and making waves. I’ve been contacted by a friend in Moore County, North Carolina with a warning that they’re about to do the same. This small town has even reached out to Candace Owens, Lt Governor Mark Robinson and more with their plans to hold a big rally and show up to the school board meeting in force to question their split school board, where some members are willing to meet with and listen to parents while others seem to have their own agenda.

If you’re not watching or attending your school board meetings at this point, you may be surprised at what’s being discussed. And how can you hold them accountable if you don’t know what they’re doing? If you haven’t asked to see the sex education documents being taught at your kid’s school, then stop in the office and ask to see them. If at any point you’re not happy with what you find after doing a little research, then it’s time to take action.

By all means, contact your school board members, speak at meetings, and let them know where you stand. But if they won’t budge, it’s not like you’re out of options. Your child’s education is in your own hands, believe it or not.

Single moms can partner together and one can work days while the other works nights so the kids can be homeschooled. You can downsize your lifestyle and send your kids to private school (they’re not always better, so be sure to look into them too!). People without kids can offering tutoring services or rent space to families who need help with supervision during the day.

Years ago, communities educated themselves. And we were far smarter and more productive back then. Don’t let yourself be bullied into leaving your kids in a school you don’t like. There are so many options, from online homeschool curriculums to co-ops in your own neighborhood. It’s worth the time and money to prioritize our kids education.

I don’t want to make parents feel bad if they’re the sole provider and not able to pull their kids from school over a less than stellar education, and I’m not saying they’re a lesser person because they don’t think they have the patience to homeschool their kids, but I’m going to be honest…We’re not doing our kids any favors by leaving their education up to the government.

I’m not as eloquent as I could be on the subject, but Candace Owens says it perfectly in this video.

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