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Inclusion & Diversity Report May 2020: Principles During a Pandemic


We created Slack channels specifically to answer questions related to COVID-19, launched a COVID-19 focused global survey to take the pulse of our Tweeps, hosted more global all hands meetings to check in on everyone, and increased opportunities to connect virtually across teams–– especially our Business Resource Groups (BRGs).

Working from home, and trying to work at home during a global pandemic are different. So we reevaluated our global benefits to identify opportunities for enhancements. In addition to reimbursing expenses associated with Tweeps’ WFH set-up, we also increased our investments in mental and physical health benefits, and explored ways to better support caregivers learning to navigate our new reality.

Lead with empathy & flexibility

Our deep listening produced some common themes. People were having difficulty focusing, and productivity was being impacted by the pandemic. This was especially true for Tweeps from communities of color, caregivers and/or those at higher risk of infection. So we introduced resources to help managers prioritize their own well being while managing a team, foster deeper empathy between managers and their direct reports, paused 2020 performance ratings, and made room for Tweeps to operate at reduced capacity when needed.

In partnership with @TwitterParents, we launched a special listening session for parents. What we heard was that our recently-introduced supplemental child care benefit wasn’t having the impact that we hoped because of shelter in place orders. What parents–– and everyone–– needed was more flexibility to manage through the pandemic in a way that worked for them. So we introduced flexible work schedules for Tweeps who needed extra time to take care of themselves and their families, and coached managers on how to lean in to asynchronous work, allowing Tweeps to get their work done how and when it suits them. And since there’s no keeping the kids out of the home office, we launched a weekly storytime with Twitter leadership to give everyone a break.

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