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How Businesses Are Supporting Diversity Online – Price of Business


The online space is populated and explored by billions of people worldwide. They speak different languages and belong to different cultures. They face different hardships and have different privileges. And as the world continues to come to terms with these, businesses are stepping up to make the internet a welcoming, diverse and inclusive place for consumers and citizens to be. Here are four ways in which businesses are making efforts to build an online space in which anyone can feel welcome and included.

One of the most exciting features to have emerged on the internet over the course of the past decade has been the inbuilt translate function on many web browsers. This means that someone who speaks a language other than that in which the website is published can still view its content, pausing only a second or two before it’s rendered in their own script. This is an understated triumph of the online world, helping those from diverse corners of the world interact with the same content, whether that’s an online information, comedy, or key education materials. This goes a huge way to making the web more accessible.

Accessible Design

Another key plank of the internet’s accessibility is the way things online are designed. Let’s give a small and simple example. Your elderly relatives may well have a feature on their smartphones or tablets that makes their keyboards enlarged so that they can better see the letters they’re typing. This is what accessible design is all about – helping those who might struggle to access the content. Now, content creators and marketing agencies are taking notice. Eleven Marketing, for instance, bakes accessibility into every piece of content they create for their clients. This means that content reaches and makes impressions with more people.

You’ll know from your endless trawls on the internet that some information is incredibly hard to find. If you’re searching for a specific author or a strange niche movie review, it might take an hour to find the specific reference and nugget of information you need. Or, it might take seconds if you search through YouTube, Wikipedia or a mainstream news media website. These giant centralised platforms help web users find and enjoy content quicker – and they’re useful for businesses too, those that share their own stories and content on these platforms to make impressions with their target audience.

Internet Access

One of the major goals of the tech industry is to give everyone free access to the internet as soon as possible – and by everyone, they mean everyone. The internet is now regarded as tantamount to a human right, and something that everyone should be able to access, enjoy and learn from across the course of their lives. As such, businesses are making efforts to get the continent of Africa connected, and they’re doing this through innovative projects like sending low-flying satellites into the sky to bean internet down to Earth. Long may these exciting efforts continue.

In a more compassionate world, these companies are making efforts to support diversity and inclusion in the online space.

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