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House members reluctant to respond to survey about intern diversity


A total of 106 House offices were surveyed in July 2019 through a random sample, but only slightly more than half provided full responses to questions asked for the study, conducted by James R. Jones, currently an assistant professor at the Newark campus of Rutgers University in New Jersey.

The report also bemoans the lack of data from Congress itself about its intern programs.

“There is no institution-wide record keeping about who interns on Capitol Hill or in congressional districts. There is no information about whether these opportunities are allocated equitably to women, racial minorities, or students from less privileged backgrounds,” the report said.

Whether or not member offices responded was not dependent on the party identification of the lawmaker, nor on the member’s race. Rather, the study found statistical significance in response rates based on gender and whether a member was newly elected.

“We found that freshman House members were approximately three times more likely to give a partial or full response than incumbent members. In addition, the offices of female members were three times more likely to give a partial/full response than offices of male members,” the study found. “Finally, the offices of former interns/staffers were almost six times more likely to give a partial or full response than offices of House members with no intern or staffer experience.”

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