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Granny Warren: “Warren says 2020 Democratic candidates lack diversity”


Yep, the lady that has a plan in the works for ALL of us if she becomes the Democrat nominee for President and beats Trump in the General election, has a message. First off, her Plans WILL be followed – whether you like it or not. Second, other than her specificity of what she will DO as President (er, I didn’t see her Constitutional mandate for the President at all in her plans), she and the other Prez Wannabees are proving her point.

Just not the way she thinks she is: “2020 Democratic candidates lack diversity”. They sure do – Each and almost everyone of them agree that Bigger Government

  •  is the answer to all our problems
  • should be in control of our healthcare
  • should be in control of our information sector and break up the FANGS.
  • is going to require more of your money
  • has to take over the pharmaceutical industry
  • will cut the throat of the Second Amendment
  • will smother Free Speech (e.g., Hate Speech is violence; anything we disagree with is hateful)
  • should put illegal aliens ahead of native born Americans
  • the Rule of Law is for the little people – they get to choose which law should be followed and the rest just SHUT UP
  • that religion is not to be brought out of your home or the walls of your house of worship
  • will tell you what energy source you can and will use
  • take away your cars and force you into public transportation.
  • lock you into Government schools and ensure your tax monies become union money and that the union dues become their campaign “contributions”
  • force you into unions where you get the low pay but the union bosses live the life of Riley (while dolling out those campaign contributions to the “right” people).
  • will spend TRILLIONS of dollars we don’t have (Warren’s Medicare for All will spend $5Trillion+ per year even as our total budget now is $4.2 Trillion).

And the list goes on and on. Each and agree on the direction they’d take the country – socialist. Government literally over People The only difference is in the manner or degree or method – they’d all end up in the same place – totalitarianism. For once you start down that road, there are always more and more areas to be found that Government decisions will “be good for you” (and show how beneficent they are towards you as they gather up more and more Power). After all, you’re just a cog in their machine. Just ask anyone who lived behind the Iron Curtain before it fell. Ask the Hong Kongers how it’s like now and what they see coming down the tracks.

No diversity? Yep – she’s absolutely right but not the way she thinks. Diversity, REAL Diversity isn’t about one’s skin color (although they BELIEVE it to be that and are ashamed of their Democrat voters that have voted an entire suite of “people of pallor for color” to be up on the next debate stage. It isn’t about sex either (although they will have both male and female on the stage so I’m not sure why she’s blithering) They’re all pretty rich compared to most of the rest of us, except for Pete the Bigot, so it isn’t about diversity of money as they’re all pretty much 1%ers.

Sidenote: But they keep yakking about the underprivileged as if they still believe in Obama’s spreading the wealth around. So why haven’t they just formed their own charities, lead by example, and give most of their wealth away, ESPECIALLY Tom Steyer?  Nope – the only charity they really believe in is Government and their form of tithing isn’t putting money into the offering plate as it goes up and down the rows out of one’s voluntary sense of charity. Instead, it is Government FORCING you to fork it over and at a rate THEY determine.

Nope, not much intellectual or philosophical diversity in this bunch and that’s the rub. They are all in the same groupthink hot tub – not a spit’s worth of diversity amongst themselves.

You’re right, Elizabeth Warren – no diversity where it counts. Regardless how many plans you have made and expect us to be chained to.

Yep, they live in a thought  monoculture in which none of us Individuals can live without the hand of Government. Which, as it turns out, are their hands. It’s like Obama’s Life of Julia campaign story but where Government will be on steroids and we’ll be malnourished children in regards of the choices department.

Progressives like them are always yammering about “food deserts”; what about their impending “Freedom desert” – a totally man-made disaster.

(H/T: Concord Monitor)

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