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Ten members of Governor Sununu’s diversity council quit because the Governor signed anti-discrimination legislation. So members of the diversity council, which is supposed to fight against discrimination, quit because of a law that prohibits discrimination.

The legislation provides that no student in any public school “shall be taught, instructed, inculcated or compelled to express belief in, or support for, any” possible type of discrimination against any possible identifiable group.

Of course, almost all parents don’t want their children to be encouraged to discriminate in schools, so this law makes sense.

Almost all parents want their children to be taught the history of the United States, including the dark history of slavery and Jim Crow, and this law provides that such history can be taught in school.

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This law sounds pretty good to all fair-minded people.

Those who don’t like this law, including the 10 members who quit the diversity council, believe in the theories and underlying concepts that: all white people are inherently racist; racism is baked into all aspects of our society (systemic racism); to be anti-racist includes discriminating against white people; instead of equality, equal opportunity for all, there should be equity which is equal outcomes for all; to achieve these equal outcomes it is necessary to disadvantage white people, and white people have a special privilege because they are white.

This is a list of unjust treatment against white people based upon the physical characteristic of the color of one’s skin. Unjust treatment against a group based upon race is, in fact, the definition of discrimination.

So the 10 members of the diversity council that quit believe that New Hampshire children should be taught to discriminate in school. These 10 members, therefore, believe that discrimination is justifiable in America.

Anyone who believes that discrimination in America is justifiable should not be on a diversity council. So it is good that these members resigned. Though they didn’t know they were doing the right thing, they did the right thing.

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