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Gender Issues and sex “Discrimination”


No matter how much we have progressed today as a people,  feminists are still given an awful unfolding. No doubt, even in first world countries like the US, those women who are excelling in the workplaces are demonized and called as anti-family with egoists personalities. This practice is still prevalent today. Although, there are many bypasses created by women, still many women in the US are not given equal rights to men. People call them ‘feminazis’ and they are even mocked by the misguided selves of others.

Dejectedly, the spirit of feminism exists for a cause – Gender inequality, which is found out to be one of the most persistent violations of human rights in the society of US. In fact, as the time is passing by it is getting worse and worse. As per a report published by the World Economic Forum, US holds a 17th position among the 22 industrialized countries that encourage the women labor force participation. The situation is alarming because in 1990s US held the 6th position on the same scale!

The wages earned by women are also less as compared to men. At an average, a white woman makes $.77 as compared to a white man who receives $1.00 for the same job on daily wages. If estimated, the loss of the gross income over a period of the lifetime can be as large as $1.2 million for women. The situation further worsens if the women belong to black or Latina ethnicity.

The whole story is remarkable because this is the matter of how women are perceived in the place of work has a straight correlation with how much they are compensated equally as compared to men. This notion also applies if the business is run by a woman. Whatever the race of life is, women are found to be making much lesser than the men.

The 2012 Harvard Business Review Survey of 7,280 leaders also reveals that women are considered as better leaders than men, yet many women who are working in the leadership roles have unsafe feelings for their appointments. They are pressurized to perform error-free, and because they think that their positions are indefensible, they tend to take every negative feedback of their work to heart. These feelings further continue when these women work in the corporate environments resulting in women packing themselves in their niche and never coming out of it.

Here the matter is to notice the value of women and their self-worth. Instead of doubting both, our society must provide them safe and equal rights as those with men. To help themselves, all women have to narrow down the boundaries of their beliefs that are keeping them back to move ahead. The society could help them if empowerment is practiced in real terms for women. Although, woman like Hillary Clinton have made a successful end-up in this race among men and women, there are many women who can bring much value to the world – still waiting to get recognized. The time to make a total mindset shift is yet to come!

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