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Free College Algebra Course (with Python Code!)


Free College Algebra Course (with Python Code!)

College Algebra is an important course for a wide variety of professions and University programs. It is especially important for computer science students.

We just published a full and comprehensive college Algebra course on the YouTube channel. This course is designed as a full one-semester college course.

This course is different than other college Algebra courses out there. Sure it is taught by an experienced university professor like the other ones. And sure it covers all the required college Algebra concepts like the other ones. What sets this course apart is that you will learn how to implement all the Algebra concepts using the popular Python programming language.

Ed Pratowski teaches this course. He is an experienced university mathematics professor and an amazing Python developer.

This is the perfect Algebra course for anyone interested in fields related to computer science, data science, or machine learning. It can be helpful to already have some familiarity with Python or another programming language before starting this course. However, previous Python experience is not required.

This course is a combination of presentations in front of a whiteboard and programming Python code on a computer. All the coding is done in Google Colaboratory notebooks. This makes it easy for anyone to follow along on their own computer without installing any software.

As you go through each part of this course in sequence, watching each video and working through each Colab notebook, you will gain a full understanding of Algebra and how to write Python code to solve your Algebra problems.

Throughout this course, you will also build your own Algebra notebook that you will be able to use as your custom super calculator. This course (and the code you write here) will give you the foundation for deeper math, including data science.

The course is broken up into 15 “weeks”. Here are the sections covered in this course:

Week One: Ratios, Proportions, and conversions

Week Two: Basic Algebra, solving equations (one variable)

Week Three: Percents, Decimals, and Fractions

Week 4: Math function definition, using two variables (x,y)

Week 5: Slope and intercept on a graph

Week 6: Factoring, finding common factors and factoring square roots

Week 7: Graphing systems of equations

Week 8: Solving systems of two equations

Week 9: Applications of linear systems

Week 10: Quadratic equations

Week 11: Polynomial Graphs

Week 12: Cost, Revenue, and Profit equations

Week 13: Simple and compound interest formulas

Exponents and logarithms

Week 15: Spreadsheets and Additional Resources

Watch the full course on the YouTube channel (15 hour watch).

I’m a teacher and developer with I run the YouTube channel.

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