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Fmr Vanderbilt professor rips ‘diversity, equity, inclusion industry’ as the ‘greatest threat’ to America


“The greatest threat to American society today… is coming from the diversity, equity, inclusion industry,” warns retired Princeton University and Vanderbilt University Professor and author Carol Swain. “It is steeped in critical race theory which is Marxist. It divides people,” the professor added in an appearance on The Ingraham Angle.

“When you think about what is taking place on college campuses and also now in K-12, children are being bullied, they’re being shamed. Teachers are being encouraged to teach nonsense, and they may justify it by saying it is fighting racism, it’s helping racial and ethnic minorities; it’s really harming everyone’s child,” she insisted about the radical agenda that has rapidly gained currency across the country in schools, government, and in corporate America.

Prof. Swain was on the Fox News Channel show as a follow-up to Ingraham’s opening monologue in which the host, among other things, lamented that Joe Biden said that he plans to root out systemic or institutional racism. Ingraham opined that this is a mere ploy by cynical liberals apparently like Biden, who know better, but are nonetheless seizing upon that mantra to help them stay in political power.

According to Swain, white liberal academics are using their platform to indoctrinate students into becoming advocates for critical race theory and similar initiatives. “So systemic racism is not the problem in America. Racism is a problem, but it’s coming from the political left, and it’s been turned upside down,” she declared.

‘This is the answer’: New legal alliance to fight critical race theory in courts gets Megyn Kelly’s stamp of approval

— Conservative News (@BIZPACReview) January 21, 2021

Many observers who oppose critical race theory have claimed that you can’t solve racism with racism of another variety. Collective guilty or guilt by association has, moreover, never been part of the American tradition. Plus, the left has traditionally opposed racial profiling. “I think there is a lot of racism imbued in the anti-racism curriculum,” Ingraham declared.

Discrimination against any group based on an immutable characteristic violates various federal and state statutes and regulations, Prof. Swain observed.

“I think that what is taking a place is really a violation of the Equal Protection clause and some civil-rights laws, and the law should be on the side of the parents, and it’s time for our legislators to step up, and also minorities, racial and ethnic minorities like me, who know what’s taking place is wrong. We have to speak up.”


(Source: Fox News)

Ingraham pointed out that the critical race theory agenda is also finding its way to the nation’s law schools as a way to indoctrinate future policymakers. “Aren’t lawyers supposed to be faithful to the Constitution, equal protection under the law? We already have that in our founding document,” she asked her guest.

“They have deviated from that a long time ago, and the greatest threat to American society today, I would argue, is coming from the diversity, equity, inclusion industry,” Swain asserted.

Divisive ‘critical race theory’ infiltrating private biz and public schools, has Marxist roots: report

— Conservative News (@BIZPACReview) December 8, 2020

Ingraham also noted that anti-racism or the equivalent seminars are becoming a big business with discussion leaders charging government and corporations serious fees for their services.

The host also noted that parents of students who oppose this kind of divisive curriculum are reluctant to come on her show out of concerns over harassment.

Ingraham suggested in her editorial on a more hopeful theme that America “is an amazing country with great and generous people,” who reject bigotry, and who get along fine as long as the politicians and activists get out of the way.

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