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Facebook Might as Well Have Empaneled the Ladies From The View for all the “Diversity” We’ll Get


Sharyl Attkisson, writing at Real Clear Investigations, reports that beneath the skin of Facebook’s oversight board is a common thread. “18 of its 20 members collaborated with or are tied to groups that have received funding from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations.”

This collective is tasked “with authority to allow or remove content from Facebook and Instagram.” It’s a board of censors, and 90% of them very likely share a common political worldview. That everything is political, and it had best be viewed through their lens.

No, there was never an expectation that any group assembled to cover for Facebook’s fascism would be unbiased. And the connection to groups taking Soros money could be dismissed but for one thing. If they were not advancing a far-left globalist worldview, they would not be getting Soros money.

Attkisson has the list here, and it is very diverse except, as would be expected, of word or thought. As with any left-wing enterprise, diversity is never more than skin deep. The room is full of color, but the ideas are all the same.

Deviation from them is punishable by ritual platforming, cancel-culture, loss of liberal privilege (if you ever had it), gainful unemployment, public pillory, and sometimes property damage, assault, or even death.

Pharaoh will strike your name from every tablet and every stone and the rabble will ensure your lesson is well-advertised. So that others might learn from your unfortunate plight.

Speak as we speak, or do not speak at all.

To help, the Zuckerbergermeister has deployed this staff of experts on what you should think and say. He might as well have empaneled the ladies from The View for all the “diversity” we’ll get.

Actually, what Zuckerbergermeister has done is mathematically worse.

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