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Economics professor: Ohio State has an army of 132 people on its diversity, equity, and inclusion staff costing $13 million –


We thought we recognized the name Mark J. Perry — it was back in 2018 when the economics professor calculated that the University of Michigan had a staff of around 100 people devoted to diversity, equity, and inclusion at a cost of about $11 million a year — full tuition for 765 Michigan students.

Now Perry has the numbers for Ohio State University, which he says pays around $13 million a year for its army of “diversicrats” — enough to send 1,120 students through school.

Just out today: @OhioState has a small army of 132 “diversicrats” at an avg. salary of $77,000 and total est. payroll cost of $13.4M, which would cover in-state tuition for 1,120 students @jennsmola @CollegeFix @FreemanWSJ @stevenfhayward @charliekirk11

— Mark J. Perry (@Mark_J_Perry) December 6, 2021

The top earners are the associate vice president of the office of institutional equity ($289,600), the associate vice president of talent and diversity and leadership ($262,395), and the vice provost of diversity and inclusion ($256,892).

Next on their agenda, transform the curricula at Ohio State University in the sciences (including math) and engineering using the template provided by California Dept of Ed’s math framework to take a “justice oriented perspective” – so many people, so little time to destroy

— Independent-No-to-Groupthink (@cheprofessor) December 6, 2021


This is absolutely preposterous and ridiculous.

— cool hand luke (@failure2commuc8) December 6, 2021

And what have they collectively achieved? Is Ohio State definitively more diverse and inclusive? Do people feel better connected, more loving and respectful? Is there more social cohesion and civility?

— Steven Walley (@StevenPWalley) December 6, 2021

This is *not* unique to Ohio State. Most U.S. universities are now DEI indoctrination centers. Time for taxpayers to intervene.

— Charles Negy (@CharlesNegy) December 6, 2021

Imagine if that money went towards college tuition for first generation college students.

$67K for a dedicated photographer?!

Which one of them is in charge of promoting diversity of opinion?

— worker_drone (@workerdrone4) December 6, 2021

God, that’s depressing.

What do they actually *do*? Other than chirp the usual tired woke slogans & cliches……what do they actually do?

— Mark (@Mark____Write) December 6, 2021

They will stir up problems or else lose their job.

This is racketeering…

— Go Get Your Shine Box (FTOP_T) (@t_ftop) December 6, 2021

A racket. No wonder they get so insanely furious when you question this.

This is perfect example of what’s become a huge issue in this country. This kind of nonsense has overtaken the HR departments of many corporations. There needs to be a full stop, immediately.

It doesn’t seem very equitable that the top earner makes $289,600 while the poor program assistant at the bottom makes only $26,490.


The University of Michigan spends HOW MUCH on its army of diversity police?

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