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Diversity’s ‘Black Lives Matter’ Routine Has Broken OfCom Records For Most Complaints Ever – Sick Chirpse


Diversity’s Black Lives Matter-inspired performance on last week’s Britain’s Got Talent has broken Ofcom’s record for TV complaints in 2020.

Over 10,000 people went to the effort of complaining to the TV watchdog about the performance. Watch below and see if you can tell why:

Anything? Nope, me neither. I mean I can imagine some people’s complaints contained some variation of ‘stop politicising our entertainment!’, but I wonder if they would have filed a complaint if it was a political statement they agreed with? Same as the people who have a problem with athletes taking a knee before games but don’t mind them wearing poppies. Either you’re OK with political symbols or not, surely?

An Ofcom spokesperson confirmed to Metro that 10,267 people have complained thus far:

This is the most complained programme by specific date this year so far.

The comments under the official YouTube video have been turned off (can’t imagine what a dumpster fire that was), but the Like/Dislike ratio isn’t as bad as I thought it would be:

In fact I wonder how many people who complained to Ofcom even watched the performance? The worst you can say was that some of it was kinda cheesy but as is always the case with Diversity the performance itself was fucking awesome. Those are some seriously talented guys and girls who have always been all about the positivity.

Obviously some of the BLM-related ‘protesting’, especially over in the States, has been shameful and counter-productive, but I don’t see how anyone can lump Diversity’s BGT performance under that category after watching that clip. Get a grip, people.

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