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Diversity to be less vital to growth post-pandemic, say 14% of UK firms


Diversity and inclusion to be less important to growth post-pandemic, say 14% of firms

A study from the Tech Talent Charter has found that 14% of UK firms see diversity and inclusion being less important to growth post-pandemic compared to now

This finding came despite 68% of respondents to the study, carried out by Attest, declaring commitment to keeping diversity and inclusion a top priority, while 60% stated that the Coronavirus outbreak wouldn’t impact their approach to planning for growth post-pandemic.

Additionally, 11% said that diversity and inclusion is not planned to be an important factor in dealing with the impact of the crisis.

“We’re encouraged by these findings, but know from experience that intention doesn’t always equal action when it comes to building diversity,” said Debbie Forster, CEO of the Tech Talent Charter.

“The UK needs diverse tech talent now like never before, across every sector of business. A focus on inclusion and diversity must not be seen as a distraction from a post-Coronavirus recovery, but as an essential tool for building a smarter, more innovative and progressive workforce, which will be vital for both the long-term success of individual businesses and the UK economy as a whole.”

How to build the diversity that’s needed in tech

In regards to reasons for prioritising diversity and inclusion, the top three identified motivations were:

Carried out in May 2020, the study surveyed 500 UK business decision-makers.

Tips for driving diversity

Alongside the study, the Tech Talent Charter has provided the following tips for promoting diversity while dealing with the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic:

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