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Boho Chic: Experience the World’s Diversity and Beauty in Your Own House | Life With Heidi


Are you obsessed with cute wall art and chunky throws? Is your house full of lush greenery and good vibes? Well, you might be already living in a Bohemian-inspired home. But, in case you wish to push your aesthetics even further, here are some amazing ideas that will help you achieve that diversity and inclusiveness of Boho chic spaces in your own house.

Go au naturel 

Boho chic style is heavily influenced by hippie culture of the 60s and 70s, so make sure to honor their love of all things natural by filling your space with raw materials like wood, wool, rattan, sisal and hemp. Don’t know how to include these materials in your home? Think woven throws, rope plant hangers, sisal rugs, leather stools, wooden art and so on. However, in order to achieve that famous Bohemian duality, don’t hesitate to throw in a few metallic pieces like a chrome floor lamp or a cute brass Buddha statue. A touch of shine will look just at home surrounded by natural elements.

Decorate with some unique collectibles

Boho design is all about expressing yourself and finding your own voice in the sea of interior design. When it comes to telling your own story through design, it’s important to include all those unique individuals, places and things you met, experienced and went through. Unlike in minimalism or Scandinavian design, items placed in your environment in Boho spaces don’t have to have a practical purpose, so don’t hesitate to display interesting unique collectibles you gathered throughout your life. Even tiny keepsakes like framed theater tickets, bottled sand from your travels or worn-out shoes can add a touch of soul to your décor.

Be international

Boho style is eclectic but not at all discriminating. As a matter of fact, the more items from all over the world you have, the better your space will look. So, make sure to display all your souvenirs from your trips and go really worldwide when it comes to décor. For instance, you can check out some traditional Balinese skull art on the Skull Bliss site and add some interest and mystery to your walls. These skulls will look amazing next to some prints you collected over the years and voila, you have a beautiful accent wall! If your walls are already too busy, you can layer some rugs from different parts of the world and achieve a cozy yet stylish look.

Don’t neglect comfort

Boho spaces are full of interesting items—they are like a gallery you can live in—but that doesn’t mean they have to feel boxy or overpowering. Actually, one of the main goals of Boho spaces is to make residents feel relaxed, happy and comfortable. One way to improve the coziness of the space is to invest in low-level furniture that will invite you to plop down and chill. In order to add a touch of international style to your seating arrangement, you can even ditch some armchairs and replace them with pillows and blankets.

Greenery is essential

Another beautiful and healthy way to introduce Boho diversity into your space is to invest in some greenery. If you live in Canada, some miniature cacti and lush ferns will remind you of your desert explorations and beach relaxation. On the other hand, those living in the southern hemisphere can add a touch of the north to their homes with pine and moss. Going international will plants is a great way to enjoy the beauty of different parts of the world.

Every world traveler and explorer will love a Boho-inspired home. It provides them with a chance to display their souvenirs and show of their nomadic lifestyle and love of different cultures. So, if you want to create a space that will pay homage to all the beauties of the world, Boho is the way to go.

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