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Black Millennial Diversity and Inclusion


Growing up without experiencing the documented narrative of black racial misfortunes like the housing divide, the lifestyle gap and poorer educational opportunities, I’ve become cognizant and learned a few key lessons over the last several years. Often the trickiest part of black Millennial diversity and inclusion is educating people who can’t fully relate, don’t acknowledge or don’t really understand the day-to-day ramifications of the problem. 

According to Pew Research, there are roughly 73 million Millennials in the U.S. Pew Research also notes that only about 60% of Millennials are white, with 19% identifying as Latin or Hispanic, 13% as black or African American and 6% as Asian American. 

In a report released in December 2019, called “Being Black in Corporate America” the following was found:

Given these wellness and acceptance struggles and the racial and ethnic diversity among Millennials, it’s no wonder that a 2018 Deloitte study found Millennials are twice as likely to stay with a company beyond five years if they work for an organization that has a diverse workforce.

Not only does diversity affect retention and productivity, but companies with a high-trust culture also deliver stock market returns three times greater than the normal average. Why aren’t we getting this thing, right? I need answers.

Together Forward @ Work is a call-to-action for the HR profession and broader business community to drive racism and social injustice out of America’s workplaces. Get the resources you need to create racial equity at work.  

Rachel Montañez provides talent management, and employee engagement consultancy focused on helping organizations create workplaces where employees feel aligned and fulfilled. Her firm, Rachel Montañez, LLC, delivers outcomes through content strategy, consulting, on-demand corporate coaching, and speaking. Rachel has lived in Europe, Asia, and now North America, and she holds a graduate degree in career guidance. Her work also draws on an award-winning corporate background in career coaching. Follow her insights on and say hi over on LinkedIn


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