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3 Best Scholarships for Minorities in the United States


Going to college is not easy for a vast number of people. So many of them are struggling with financial instability, especially minorities. The best way to pay for your college education is through scholarships and grants. For minorities, there are a number of university scholarships available to help pay for their university education. University scholarships have one big advantage; they do not need to be paid back, unlike loans that need to be paid back. Here are some top minority scholarships that are available to all of the minority students in the United States who want to go to college.


The Pell Grant Program: This grant provides excellent minority scholarships to students who encounter economic and financial difficulties. This program offers a number of scholarship grants for minorities. The Pell Grant Program is one of the best minority scholarships for groups like Latin Americans, Mexicans, Asians, and for people with Hispanic or Arab heritage. This scholarship is also available to the people who were victims of severe discrimination or who are disabled. Students must have a diploma from their high schools and need to pass an “ability to benefit” test. If an applicant was in prison at any point in the past, then this person becomes ineligible for this scholarship. Also, students may be ineligible for the grant if they have been convicted in the past for some drug-related offense. If those types of students are going to be given a grant, then it depends on the situation when this crime occurred, and did those students attend a drug rehabilitation program if applicable. Students also must not have an outstanding Pell overpayment on record.


Jackie Robinson Foundation: The Jackie Robinson Foundation is a college grant program, and it offers scholarships to future students from minority communities to help them gain university education based on their financial need. It provides funds to aid youth of all ethnic minority groups in the United States of America. To be eligible for this scholarship an applicant must: 1) Be a graduating, minority high school senior; 2) Attend an accredited and approved four–year institution in the United States; 3) Show real leadership potential; 4) Demonstrate a dedication to serving the community; 5) Present some evidence of financial need; 6) Be a United States citizen; 7) Have a minimum SAT score of 1,000 on sections such as math and reading, or a composite ACT score of 21; 8) Applicants cannot possess a degree from a 2-year or 4–year college when applying for this scholarship.


The William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship: This scholarship is given by the Aspen Institute to minority students, and it is one of the best scholarships in the country. This scholarship includes a grant of 25 to 30 thousand dollars annually. Each candidate needs to have an excellent academic record, and also have the following: 1) The candidate needs to have demonstrated interest or experience in some nonprofit organizations, philanthropy, and also the social sector; 2) Good research and writing skills; 3) Demonstrated financial need, and 4) Needs to have U.S. citizenship or U.S. permanent residency.

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