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2023 International Female Ride Day Logo


The 17th edition of International Female Ride Day®  (IFRD) occurs on Saturday 6 May for 2023! Get ready to gather your woman rider friends, ready your motorcycle and flag the 2023 International Female Ride Day Logo! Join women powersports and motorsports enthusiasts in over 120 countries, and “JUST RIDE” !

The “movement” and synchronised ride day action powers up for change, for celebration and for the advancement of women in motorsports – everywhere you are! And here below you an download (copy and paste) the 17th edition IFRD logo for use.  Flag this icon, known around the world to symbolise your IFRD involvement and participation in this annual women rider’s movement.

When you display the IFRD icon you’ll alert all to the unity shared across all cultures on this one day! IFRD is the world’s largest and only woman motorcycle rider and powersports event of its kind – a unified global action of purpose, passion – across all borders and all cultures!

Steer Your Handlebars Forward For Women

IFRD for one and half decades spotlights women riders and the female motorsports arena. And though over the last decade female ridership has doubled, women still represent 19-24 percent of all motorcycle owners. It is still not even half – yet – of the motorsports population total. The momentum generated on this one day, is still necessary to continue advancing the future of motorcycling for women.

As we rev up for the 17th edition, the IFRD power and momentum produced on this one single day remains necessary and vital to advancing the future of motorcycling women, and of powersports for women! ~ Vicki Gray

No Easing Off That Throttle

From a world economic view, findings from the recent World Economic Forum, concludes that gender parity will not be attained for almost a century. “Projecting current trends into the future, the overall global gender gap will close in 99.5 years, on average, across the 107 countries covered continuously since the first edition of the report. At the slow speed experienced over the period 2006–2020, it will take 257 years to close this gap.”  *source 2020 Global Gender Gap Report

It remains crucial in the segment of motorcycling, motorsport and powersports, that the work of IFRD continues. And we can all play a role!

Be You, You Are Enough!

IFRD is key for altering usual stereotypical roles associated to motorcycling and for that fact, throughout all powersports. As an IFRD participant, you are an influencer, the role model for other women, both young and old, who haven’t yet taken the steps to explore motorcycling.  That’s how simple it is! Achievement is attained simply by you joining in on the day. By taking part on IFRD, YOU demonstrate the diversities of women who enjoy motorsports.

The IFRD action clearly sends the message to the motorcycle and powersports industry at large, but also, and importantly to gender parity within all aspects of our day-to-day lives. IFRD demonstrates and continues introducing women to the numerous faucets of the activity, and its shared camaraderie’s.

Flaunt Your IFRD Symbol – “JUST RIDE!”

The IFRD logo was created in 2007 with the aim to appear timeless and unique to women riders. It has only slightly evolved over the years, unchanged to ensure its iconic image year after year. The logo emphasises the broadness of the IFRD campaign with the planet pictured in the design. Her “open face helmet” is purposeful to visibly identify a female face. You’ll also notice her head is tilted up; chin high. This too is intentional to depict her searching the horizon representing an ever open-mindedness, forward thinking. Ever seeking forward, advancement.

Diversity in Powersports

In the IFRD logo, there are various forms of motorcycles as small silhouettes within the image. This highlights the fact that IFRD is an inclusive event and for all forms of motorsport.  That equally means, all manufacturers, all styles, and all sizes are welcomed to join in and JUST RIDE!

2023 International Female Ride Day Logo

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