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13 online directories all entrepreneurs who care about diversity should be checking daily to connect with Black vendors, business partners, and contractors

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  • One step in making your company more inclusive is to take inventory of all the third-party services you use to operate your business.
  • Online directories can help you search for and find the right business partner for your needs.
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There are many ways your business can support Black communities now and throughout the year.

One step in making your company more inclusive is to take inventory of all the third-party services you use. Whether you work with a consultant, subscribe to a software service, or purchase supplies, you have an opportunity to examine who is behind each B2B company you work with. If you work with contractors, partners, and vendors, see where you can form new relationships to support Black entrepreneurs.

Here is a list of online directories to help you find the right Black-owned business partners for your needs. We will continue to update this list as we find more resources.

If you have a B2B directory to add, email this reporter at

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Marketplace website MinorityBiz has a 51-page directory to find, compare, and hire minority- and Black-owned businesses across the US to service your company’s needs.


Whether you’re ordering lunch for your team or looking for a photographer for your next marketing campaign, Intentionalist has directories for finding local minority-owned businesses in major cities across the country.

Official Black Wall Street

Official Black Wall Street hosts a variety of local and online consumer products as well as business services, like consulting, event planning, and insurance.

We Buy Black

We Buy Black is a marketplace for all your consumer goods needs, like cleaning products, snacks, and books. Vendors who want to sell their products on the site can quickly migrate their stores from Etsy or Shopify.

Black Directory

When you need to hire a contractor or vendor, Black Directory provides extensive listings that you can narrow by category. For example, the site currently lists 1,593 Black attorneys and 1,493 Black accountants.

The Black Business List

The Black Business List hosts a vast directory of Black entrepreneurs and professionals in a variety of industries and services, from consulting and IT products, to financial services and social media marketing.


In addition to hair products, body care, and home goods, 4theCultr hosts a directory of supplies to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 such as masks and gloves.

Support Black Eats

Support Black Eats uses a Google Map guide to black-owned restaurants, cafes, and bars in major cities across the country.

Nonprofit Consultants of Color

TakeTwoServices is a small consulting firm that crowdsourced a spreadsheet database of consultants of color who work with nonprofits. If you are a BIPOC consultant who works with nonprofits, you can add yourself to the list from this form.

Shoppe Black

Shoppe Black is a publication that features stories on Black founders and business owners and provides resources for entrepreneurs. Its archive of Black Business Lists can help you find Black-owned bookstores, restaurants, farms, clothing brands, and much more.


BlkOwnedShops, which launched its beta site in August, offers a forum for Black-owned businesses and their customers to interact. Conscientous consumers looking to support Black business owners can use the site to find a Black-owned business in the industry they’re looking for.

The site also supports Black business owners by providing new sales channels and access to affordable branding and marketing tools, as well as resources to grants, funding, unions and other support infrastructure.


Ebonyx, The Afrocentric Marketplace, is home to 150+ mostly black-owned brands and more than 1,000 items.

The site is based in the UK, but it also features brands based in the US, Africa, and South America. Customers can shop a range of categories like fashion, jewelery, cosmetics, and more.

Plus, on orders above £25, Ebonyx donates a portion of the sale to charity.

Silhouette Sneakers + Art

Silhouette Sneakers + Art is a sneaker haven, apparel shop, and art storehouse in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Founded by former educator Venita Cooper, the boutique is located on the site of a historic shoe store that was burned down in the Tulsa Race Riots of 1921.

Cooper curates a sneaker selection from designers like Fear of God, Supreme, Yeezy, and Saucony. Silhouette Sneakers + Art also offers clothing and merchandise that is custom-made, such as shirts and hoodies with messaging that recalls the city’s past and the pride of Tulsa’s black community.

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